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Intuition Luxury HV liner test review


Liner review
Intuition Pro Wrap

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Intuition Pro Wrap


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Mary T's review: Advanced freeride skier

Advanced level skier
Mary T's rating of this ski:

5 stars

 Considering her skiers profile:

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Reviewer Mary T

"I prefer a heavy damp ski, without much rebound. I place emphasis on control and style, no matter the conditions. My favorite memories are double diamond bumps runs with a foot of untracked!"

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 9
 SpeedLevel 7


My favourite freeride skis:

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2. Kästle BMX105
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3. Liberty Origin 106
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To all my reviews


Ladies, take notice!

I have been skiing the ID Intuition wrap liners for four seasons in my Dalbello KR Comp three buckle shells.  My original liner was heat molded in my local shop, and did require some customizing to accommodate my toes on my "larger" right foot.  I will note, that I like a very tight boot. My normal shoe size is 7.5-8, and I use a men's 24.5 boot shell, and I ordered a 24.5 Intuition liner.  Intuition does offer a fitting guide on their web site, if you need advice on sizing.

Heat molding liner

For this review, I decided to heat mold the "Pro Wrap" on my own, in my home oven.  I pre-heated the oven to 230 degrees.  With the insole removed, I placed the liners with the toe up in the oven for 10 minutes.  I removed the heated liners, and immediately inserted a stock Dalbello insole, and inserted my foot with the supplied Intuition toe spacer under a thin ski sock (note: only one spacer is included with liner order).  You should be able to order a additional toe spacer when you place your order so you can fit both liners at the same time.  I lightly buckled the boots, and placed the toe of the boots on a 2x4.  I maintained a slight forward lean for approximately 10 minutes, while the liners cooled.

I did find the liner was tight on my big toe, for my larger right foot.  I removed the liner and insole, and reheated the area around my big toe with a hair dryer, and used the end of a broom stick to stretch, compress, and enlarge this area.  PROBLEM SOLVED!

Liner warmth

I always hear skiers complaining about cold feet when I am out on the mountain.  They use battery operated insoles etc. to attempt warm feet.  I just lift up my pant leg, and show them my Intuition liners......you will never have cold feet again with these liners!

Liner fit

Before Intuition liners, I suffered through the common break-in period with stock liners.  Bruises, hot spots, and bumps created from foot movement in the liner.  No more.  The heat molded Intuition liners are a precise molded fit.  My foot-boot-ski interface feel like one solid unit.  Sloppy fitting boots equal sloppy skiing.  A tight, proper fit liner will make you a better skier!

The "Pro Wrap" is slightly lower in height compared to my original "ID Wrap" liners, and may be a better option for women with a larger calf.  I found no reduction in boot performance with this lower height.


Warmth, fit, and performance in one package!

Intuition about the Pro Wrap

"The Pro Wrap liner is a variation on our Power Wrap liner, featuring a traditional stroble (cardboard) sole with a PU covering, including an additional 7mm foam insert inside the liners, which you can leave in our take out, depending on the volume/space required. The thinner, softer toe box will allow more wiggle room for tighter fitting shells", says Intuition


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Intuition Pro Wrap


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