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Yellow Gentian testers starting descent

Yellow Gentian:

- is independent
- is passionate about testing
- helps recreational skiers and boarders
- looks for the best prices
- shares discounts with you
- and our flower predicts snowfall

Your characteristics


- take on several pairs each season
- level between intermediate and expert
- recreational focus
- passion to share your opinion
- knowledge of the english language
- respectful to other opinions

Enthusiastic skiers and boarders can review and share opinions too

If you have the opportunity to take several skis or boards in a season, why not help others to pick their perfect gear?

It is easy to start. Write your first (or even better more) review below, we have a look at it from a usefulness perspective and contact you for more information about your profile (photo, skills, preferences in terrain, fitness, etc.). If you need inspiration, use the existing reviews on yellowgentian.com please.

When writing your review, please keep in mind that a good ski or snowboard for you, might not fit someone else and vice versa. Useful information is why you like it or not. Reviews will always be subjective (with a wink is even highly appreciated) and the big brands have enough knowledge not to make bad products.

Note: Yellow Gentian is independent. Therefore, if you work for or are related to a ski or snowboard brand in any way, we won't publish your reviews. Send us an e-mail at info@yellowgentian.com if you want your opinion published as an ambassador for example. Or you are welcome to react to other published reviews, just identify yourself as such please.

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