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Ski reviewer Rasmus

Rasmus' ski reviews


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Ski reviewer RasmusRasmus skis quite a lot for a Dane. Being able to plan his everyday job as a network Consultant to Work a lot in the Spring and Autumn, frees up 6-8 weeks for Winterports. Rasmus usually ski's in France, since he believes that the French do very well making the skiing area coherent and easily accessible. The French cuisine being a big bonus to his addiction to the big country to the West.

Not many other sports has caught Rasmus, but he does enjoy biking and running when the powder isn’t drizzling from above.

Rasmus believes that sports is something you should do, and not watch, so he will not be on the bleechers watching soccer or other sports.

Rasmus’ skiing varies from slopeskiing and enjoying the company of others, over the beautiful experiences that you can find in small groups freeriding through the backsides of French mountains.

How I look at skis in different categories:

Piste skis

ASAP-Skiing(As Stiff As Possible) is the way to go. I love skiing fast, steady piste skis. I love skiing a good Giant Slalom ski on a newly groomed piste, but, must admit that my heart lies outside the pistes, or on rough snow.


All-mountain skis

An all-mountain ski can be constructed in 2 ways. It can be a ski that lacks something in both camps. On the piste it is not agile enough to give the beauty of cutting clean powerturns, and in the soft powder it does not give the updrift of a real off-piste ski. Or it can be seen as a ski that has a specific purpose, but where the skiproducer has found a way to give an extra feature set that allows for easier maneuverability on the piste. The latter type is rapidly being more and more popular, and more and more versions are coming out, to great pleasure on my behalf. I love a good well-produced all-mountain ski that has the features I need, and gives me additional possibilities to my skiing.

Freeride skis

The skiing I always strive to reach. Whenever the snow is in a condition where one can get out and be (almost) alone on the mountain, hearing nothing but my own skis, and an occational bird, the wind and other sounds belonging on the mountain. My ski will always be an easily ridden ski of some kind. Higly manueverable, and easy to control. This is about nature, and I-time, not about difficult skis and thighhurts tomorrow… Leave that on the piste…

Feel free to ask me any questions you have.


Length: 189 cm
Weight: 110 kg

Favourites at the moment:

Ski: Moment Deathwish, Rossignol Soul 7, Moment Comi
Resort: French Alps

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Rasmus' ski reviews

All-mountain skis

Freeride skis

Rasmus' favourite discipline:

Freeride skiing


Considering his skier's profile

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Ski reviewer Rasmus

"High maneuverability and easy to control describes my favorite freeride skis. Backcountry skiing is about nature, and I-time, and not about difficult skis and thighhurts tomorrow…"

 SkillsLevel 10
 FitnessLevel 10
 SpeedLevel 10


My favourite freeride skis:

1. Moment Deathwish
Freeride ski Moment Deathwish


1. Rossignol Soul 7
Freeride ski review Rossignol Soul 7 2017


3. Moment Cimo


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