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Tester Gijs in action

Gijs' ski reviews


Logo Yellow GentianGijs, ski tester profile

- Level: intermediate+ skier
- Emphasize: finesse and technique
- Preferred terrain: piste
- Height: 1,82 meter
- Weight: 85 kg

I first started skiing when I was an teenager. A week of hard work, tears and battling the draglift – I am not very gifted when it comes to teaching my body new moves or, well… control. So after that, a very long wait.

In 2010, friends took me to Val Thorens and that’s where the magic happened. I took lessons, and more lessons, and I kind of got the hang of it. Moreover, I became addicted to skiing and have been ever since. I try to ski as much as possible, around 40 days a year if I can. But I have been true to my slightly clumsy movement patterns and not so great physical control. I have become a ‘lazy’ skier. Or, more technically put: a relatively big finesse skier.

GiGi in action

Personally, I would like to call it a quest for the most efficient skiing possible: minimal input, maximum result. I tend to invest more in technique than in physical fitness, stamina or strength. And not surprisingly, I like skis that reward good technique, ski nice round turns, but are still stable enough to carry my lazy ass down the mountain without losing control.

I enjoy longer, low frequency turns on a smooth, yet powerful ride. I do enjoy steeps and bumpy terrain once in a while, but I don’t go look for them. I have started seeking out powder, however, but that’s a chapter that yet has to write itself in the not so distant future.

I am a high speed, all conditions cruiser kind of guy. First lift up, last run down, and a nice pasta in between.


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