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Ski reviewer Ell

Ell's ski reviews


Logo Yellow GentianEll, ski tester profile

Ski reviewer Ell- Ski instructor
- Emphasize: technique and ultimate speed
- Preferred terrain: groomers
- Height: 1,62 meter
- Local ski resort: Sölden, Austria

Ell has been skiing since she was 6 years old. She has learned skiing from her father and grandmother. In her early twenties she went to Austria to teach and had to learn a total new way of skiing. Many years of training followed and she still wants to perfect her style.

Ell is our racer in the team, believe it or not. At 162 cm tall she takes easily race skis till 180 cm out for a spin and likes it. It should be no surprise that her favourite discipline is Giant Slalom skiing. When Ell tests these GS skis, she compares them in a different way than the non-specialist recreational skiers do. For example, where most of us would say that edge grip of GS skis is very good in general, her standard defines differences in between them. That is important for understanding the way Ell reviews her skis.

She is not just a raceskier as she has been a ski teacher for many years too. And you probably know, during those hours it is more a matter of patience than skiing for yourself. In Austria she is on the slopes for more than 100 days a season, just because she likes it. Freshly prepared groomers early morning are her favourite ski terrain. At the same time she continues till someone pulls her of that mountain, no matter the snow or weather conditions.


Favourites at the moment:

Ski: Atomic Redster DD 3.0 XT
Resort: Sölden, Austria


Other Sports:

Ell tries to ski all year long. In the five months that she doesn't live in the Alps, she skis indoors.

Ell's favourite discipline:

Giant Slalom


Considering her skier's profile

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Reviewer Ell

"The ultimate giant slalom ski has a very high stability, is heavy and stiff enough to cut through snow bumps at the and of the day. You always know where this ski goes: straight down until you give it a new direction!"

 SkillsLevel 14
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 14


My favourite piste skis:

1. Atomic Redster D2 3.0 XT
Piste race ski Atomic Redster D2 3.0 XT


2. Head Worldcup Rebels i.GS RD
Giant slalom ski Head Worldcup Rebels i.GS RD


3. Rossignol Hero Master
Giant slalom ski review Rossignol Hero Master


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