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Nitro MTN

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Nitro Mountain freeride snowboard test in Alpbach, Austria


Length (cm): 157, 160, 163
Waist width (mm): 256


Terrain: 25% piste - 75% off-piste
Discipline: freeride allrounder
Snowboard level: intermediate+ - expert
Stability: good
Edge switch; fairly quick
Floatation: good
Character: maneuverable, steady

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Nitro Mountain 2019


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Alex's review: Expert freerider

Expert level freerider
Alex's rating of this snowboard:

5 stars

Considering his boarders profile:

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Reviewer Alex

"Easy float, let me hike, surf and play any terrain. I don't like a powder board to be too flexible, because I want to lay some trenches on the groomers too. When the snow starts falling in the evening, I get happily nervous for the next day."

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 13
 Length:181 cm
 Weight:77 kg


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To all my reviews


Awesome versatile freerider

The Nitro Mountain happily surprised me. What a cool freeride snowboard this is. And so versatile too. With the Mountain I could aggressively attack powder and win every time. Charging hard, the Nitro Mountain rewards you immediately. As responsive as it is, it still feels a bit freestylish too. And although I don't like too much flex in my board, I had no complaints whatsoever. The new kind of camber, cam-out, is enough to give this board character. Together with fine edge hold till acceptable speed on groomers, this Nitro freeride board feels like an all-mountain quiver. This is what I like, this is a 5 star board for me.

Powder and the Mountain

A great combination I would say. As the Nitro Mountain was only made in a one size fits all (160 cm) and now in two more sizes, the waist width is no choice. With 256 mm it is wider than the average all-mountain board. This makes clear that we are dealing with a powder engineered snowboard. And you feel that in fresh snow, perfect floatation, even at lower speed. With the maneuverability of a stiff freestyle board, even intermediate+ boarders can take it for a ride and improve without getting bored. The Nitro Mountain feels stable, gives so much confidence that you can trust its' performance, especially during your freeride. Great board.

Nitro about the Mountain

"Originally designed by Quiver pioneers Austin Smith and Bryan Fox to be their everyday all-mountain shred stick of choice, the Mountain was so popular in demand that we are now offering this Tapered Directional “do it all” beast in three different sizes. The beautiful oaty shape and our Cam-Out Camber offer a ride so smooth and précises you will be able to y effortlessly down any face with style and pro like poise. If you are looking for a board to ride the whole mountain with no matter the snow condition, slush, ice, hopefully pow, than pick up this all-terrain beauty and beast.", says Nitro. Too much emphasis on playful as other qualities are outstanding.

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Nitro Mountain 2019


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