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Lib Tech Skunk Ape

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Freeriding terrain for 2017 snowboard test Lib Tech Skunk Ape


Length (cm): 157, 161, 165, 169, 172, 180
Waist width (mm): 268


Terrain: 50% piste - 50% off-piste
Discipline: freeride/freestyle
Snowboard level: intermediate - advanced
Stability: good
Floatation: OK
Character: heavy and playful

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Lib Tech Skunk Ape freeride/freestyle snowboard 2019


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Jeffrey's review: Intermediate+ freerider rider

Intermediate+ freeride boarder
Jeffrey's rating of this snowboard:

4 stars

Considering his boarders profile:

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Reviewer Jeffrey

"Powder snow is highly addictive to me, play and surf the virgin snow without extremes. Adrenaline takes over quickly and that results sometimes in impossible acrobatic crashes. All experiences will improve my skills though."

 SkillsLevel 8
 FitnessLevel 10
 SpeedLevel 7
 Length:194 cm
 Weight:100 kg


Favourite Powder - Park boards:


1. Burton Custom Flying V
Powder Park snowboard Burton Custom Flying V 2017


2. LibTech Attack Banana
Powder - Park snowboard LibTech Attack Banana 2017


3. LibTech Skunk Ape
LibTech Skunk Ape 2017


More to come


Versatile Wide freestyle/freeride snowboard

The Libtech Skunk Ape is wide snowboard, playful and very versatile for larger guys. It gave me great joy to ride it in powder and it keeps its playfulness on piste. It makes a great combination of freestyle and freeride in one snowboard. I would not mind riding this joy for a full week!
However, the Skunk Apes does punish you for any mistakes you make! You can call that quality too, to me it indicates the limits of playfulness. Unfortunately I found the board to be a little too heavy for my liking, therefore I would "only" rate it as a 4 star board. If the board was a little lighter it would definitely be one of my favorites!

Weight and playfulness

When was handed over the board the first thing I noticed was the weight of the board: it felt quite heavy compared to most other rocker boards I had tested so far. The second thing I noticed while riding was that the Skunk Apes is a very playful board. Yes, playing is the right word for this board! It is very playable in most conditions. Whether it is on groomers or in fresh pow. This one is an absolute delight! Fast turn initiation (sometimes a bit too fast and then it tends to dig itself in the snow) due to the rocker, but yet very stable at high speeds! I absolutely loved playing with this board.

Lib Tech about the Skunk Ape

"The Skunk Ape C2 snowboard is our experiMENTAL division big guy “dream board” project. Constant testing and refinement by Trevor Phillips, Snowboy’s Krush Kulesza and crew make this the best larger gentlemen power freestyle stick on the planet. Put it on rail, your toes won’t drag.", says LibTech. It is a good playful snowboard, definitely. Not the best to me, but that is personal.

Related snowboards

Libtech Attack Banana: is a little more aggressive, and doesn't dig itself in as fast as the Skunk Apes.
Burton Custom Flying V: the Flying V has almost the same characteristics as the Skunk Ape. Same difference, less diving.
Arbor Roundhouse: is playful with a similar kind of rocker in the board.


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Lib Tech Skunk Ape freeride/freestyle snowboard 2019


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