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Big mountain snowboard review
Burton Working Stiff

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Burton Working Stiff big mountain snowboard test


Length (cm): 154
Waist: 25.6


Terrain: 30% piste - 70% off-piste
Discipline: crud riding
Snowboard level: intermediate+
Shape: directional camber
Edge grip: medium
Floatation: good
Character: let's crush some crud

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Big mountain snowboard Burton Working Stiff


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Alex's review: Expert freerider

Expert level freerider
Alex's rating of this snowboard:

3.5 stars

Considering his boarders profile:

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Reviewer Alex

"Easy float, let me hike, surf and play any terrain. I don't like a powder board to be too flexible, because I want to lay some trenches on the groomers too. When the snow starts falling in the evening, I get happily nervous for the next day."

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 13
 Length:181 cm
 Weight:77 kg


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Thick fat one sizer

The Burton Working Stiff (tested at 154 cm which is the "one size fits all") looks different than usual big mountain snowboards with the thick tip. It looks very tough and unforgiving this way. The Working Stiff is a snowboard though that I think an intermediate+ level boarder can already take it for a ride. At 154 cm length it is easy to maneuver both on piste and in powder. But how special it may look, I haven't figured out in what it excels. Camber keeps it alive on piste, and floatation is sufficient for fresh snow. The Burton Working Stiff is OK for most conditions and performance wise for me a medium+ board which makes I give the Working Stiff a 3.5 star rating.

Mediocre in most conditions

Burton Working Stiff has just enough float for riding powder. On piste it is stiff enough to let it run and put power on till a certain limit, not extreme. The Working Stiff is not extremely fast but the torsional stiffness does give it stability. The thickness in the tip helps to ride through crud and tracked terrain. This makes that you take the Working Stiff serious but overall it is mediocre in most snow conditions. In the construction of the Burton Working Stiff appears to be something special though with a sort of self recovering fibers after a day riding. It is not totally clear how that functions and what you'll notice of it.

Burton about the Working Stiff

"Enter a new dimension of floatation and freedom on a board that defies convention by blending a powerful nose with a playful tail.", says Burton.

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Big mountain snowboard Burton Working Stiff


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# RWA 2017-07-03 20:45
Powder: It floated very good. I was able to ride it in the trees and the float was amazing. The thickness of the nose really helped getting through
little pesky branches at the entrance of the woods. My stance was on reference points which I believe is a 2'' setback. The 20mm taper made the short
stubby tail sink in the snow really easily. It was also very poppy in the deep stuff. The board doesn't feel as heavy when strapped underfoot.

Groomers: It held an edge like no other. No toe or heel drag at all. I really like the filet-o-flex (machined out core) as it rendered the tail to a very soft flex.
(the core is profiled as a swallow tail) and it is super playful on groomers. The board bends very easily from the middle section to the tai. Nose pressing for buttering
was a bit hard though. The board felt very stable at high speeds.
# RWA 2017-07-03 20:46
Slush (Spring riding): I also rode the Working Stiff at my season ender's weekend. I was super grippy on thick spring snow and it surfed and carved very easily even if the Working
Stiff is considered a midwide type board. It was properly waxed for the conditions and it was super fast.

I think you missed the point in explaining the role of the core of the board. I find it very interesting to play with core thickness and also lack off (swallow tail section).
Loyal to the Family Tree line, the Working stiff is a great example of board experimentation and who knows, maybe the tech will lead to more amazing freeride machines in a near future for Burton.

Thank you!
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