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Burton Fish

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Burton Fish 2017 freeride boarding test


Length (cm): 151, 156, 161
Waist width (mm): 258, 260, 262


Terrain: 20% piste - 80% off-piste
Discipline: freeride
Snowboard level: intermediate+ - expert
Stability: good
Floatation: good
Character: powder rider

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Freeride board Burton Fish 2019


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Alex's review: Expert freerider

Expert level freerider
Alex's rating of this snowboard:

5 stars

Considering his boarders profile:

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Reviewer Alex

"Easy float, let me hike, surf and play any terrain. I don't like a powder board to be too flexible, because I want to lay some trenches on the groomers too. When the snow starts falling in the evening, I get happily nervous for the next day."

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 13
 Length:181 cm
 Weight:77 kg


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A responsive powder snowboard

The Burton Fish is a powder giant. Especially at speed on steeper slopes it gives the surfy feeling with ease. The big rocker tip supplies all the float you need. The smaller tail assures you'll get it from edge to edge without too much trouble. The size and design of the tail helps the floating tip as well of course as it sinks. That has another advantage too, in less deep powder snow it helps you to steer as grip comes sooner. On top of this the Fish is stiff enough for me, not too forgiving. That way the Fish gives confidence and control, which I prefer at speed above more playfulness. Alltogether I found another 5 star powder snowboard in the Burton Fish.

Groomer bonus

The Burton Fish can handle some power and a certain degree of aggressive boarding on groomers. With the S-Rocker shape it has a camber between the bindings, it could be flat as well, as I hardly feel a pop. Edge grip in turns is fine though and the Fish is steady at speed on piste. I like to get that bonus on piste as it gives just enough versatility in a board that makes you want to take it everyday of the week. This freeride snowboard is best off-piste though and that is what you want it for. Awesome snowboard, don't be amazed if it surprises you positively.

Burton about the Fish

"Toss that ‘Gone fishin’ sign on your door and head for the deep with the original surfy shortboard.

The current generation of Burton Fish continues to revolutionize the way we all ride pow thanks to a recipe that combines Directional Flat Top and massive taper in a downsized deep-day rocket. The surf-influenced design features a double swallow-tail shape for acceleration and cornering control, while the reduced rear sidecut lets the tail sink more naturally for smoother flow from edge to edge. Both Terje and JG back the innovative shape with one word – “perfect” – which is why we’re positive your next pow day will be even better.", says Burton. Enough float for speeding powder lines and personally I liked the medium stiffness/flex of the board, makes it more certain and secure on groomers.

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Freeride board Burton Fish 2019


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