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All-mountain snowboard review
Völkl AFC

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Völkl AFC all-mountain snowboard test


Length (cm): 154, 159, 164
Waist width (mm): 252, 259, 262


Terrain: 60% piste - 40% off-piste
Discipline: all-mountain freestyle
Level: intermediate+ - advanced+
Stability: good
Edge grip: good
Floatation: medium
Character: versatile board that is best at some higher speed

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All-mountain snowboard Völkl AFC 2017


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GentianRetail price:
€ 500


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Steef's review: Expert all-mountain boarder

Expert level all-mountain boarder
Steef's rating of this snowboard:

4 stars

Considering his snowboarders profile:

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Reviewer Steef

"Enjoying the whole mountain needs a maximum of piste carving, float in powder and playfulness. And for some decent carving on piste with acceleration a condition is good edge grip and camber. I am prepared to work for it."

 SkillsLevel 12
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 13
 Length:180 cm
 Weight:72 kg


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Aggressive all-mountain board

Völkl AFC (tested length: 164 cm) is a nice all-mountain snowboard. It is quite stiff and light weighted. Behaveriol aspects of the Völkl AFC are good maneuverability and good grip. For freeriding the AFC, the board provides a nice float in deep snow, but you need to keep up the speed or lean back for preventing it to dive. Certainly not a perfect or typical freerider's board. For on groomers, firmer snow, the Völkl AFC is versatile and aggressive when you put some energy in it. For intermediate+ to expert level, where the expert will have an easy ride.

Every slope a challenge

Völkl AFC gives me the feeling that I can attack any slope without losing it. As the AFC is fast in switching edges, has good grip and a nice pop, you can use this all-mountain snowboard to aggressively run down groomers and any disordered terrain. You can really push the board hard without getting out of control. Deep snow abilities are allright but again, you have to keep up the speed a bit. Overall is the Völkl AFC a 4 star rating for me.

Völkl about the AFC

"AFC All-Mountain-Freestyle 3.0

The name says it all! All-Mountain Freestyle Camber or AFC for short. This board combines style with stability in a revolutionary shape concept. The Directional Freestyle Sidecut, with 20mm setback, fuses with a Pro Camber Shape that features a Nose Rocker. This combination allows for playful riding and provides massive pop and edge hold at the same time. Want to shoot narrow couloirs or go full speed on the slope? The stiffer flex suits all riders that ask for excellent control. In the powder the Nose Rocker provides great floatation, with the Fish Tail sinking into the snow. This makes for an incredibly stable ride, like when straight lining virgin powder fields! When the snow conditions are more fickle the Pointed Nose Geometry has some great benefits to offer: Its square shape is more forgiving than a round nose and will effortlessly cut through crust and wind-blown snow. This board is for riders that aren’t counting the number of rotations but are focusing on doing stylish freestyle tricks in any terrain. AFC – the start of a new era in all-mountain freestyle!, says Völkl. Well, it's more all-mountain than freestyle for me.

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Capita the Black snowboard of Death: my 5 star alternative, bit tougher to ride and better in powder.


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All-mountain snowboard Völkl AFC 2017


Logo Yellow
GentianRetail price:
€ 500


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