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All-mountain snowboard review
Rossignol One Magtek

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Rossignol One Magtek all-mountain board test


Length (cm): 153, 156, 159
Waist width (mm): 250, 252, 254
Length Wide (cm): 157, 161, 165
Waist (mm): 260, 266, 268


Terrain: 50% piste - 50% off-piste
Discipline: all-mountain freestyle
Snowboard level: intermediate - advanced
Stability: good
Edge grip: good
Character: balanced playful combi

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All-mountain board Rossignol One Magtek 2017


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Steef's review: Expert all-mountain boarder

Expert level all-mountain boarder
Steef's rating of this snowboard:

4 stars

Considering his snowboarders profile:

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Reviewer Steef

"Enjoying the whole mountain needs a maximum of piste carving, float in powder and playfulness. And for some decent carving on piste with acceleration a condition is good edge grip and camber. I am prepared to work for it."

 SkillsLevel 12
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 13
 Length:180 cm
 Weight:72 kg


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1. Amplid UNW8
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2. Capita Black snowb. of Death
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3. Rossignol XV Magtek
All-mountain snowboard Rossignol XV Magtek 2017


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Sharp allrounder

The Rossignol One Magtek (156 cm) is a very playful and supple snowboard. It feels light on the feet and has a fast edge switch. The One Magtek steers like a knife so scharp and isn't nervous at all. Surprisingly at the same time this Rossignol board doesn't mercilessly punish you either. Enough grip on groomers, especially nice in short turns. Considering stifness the One Magtek is not extreme either way, but nicely balanced for an all-mountain snowboard. The rebound could be a bit more but besides that a fine allrounder, both on as off-piste.

Easy on every terrain

This board is good at every terain, and you wouldn't almost notice it as it feels so natural everywhere. The Rossignol One Magtek gets you down while playing and feeling comfortable and confident at all times. Where you see other struggle on bumps and tracked terrain, the One Magtek slides and rides effortless through, alongside and over everything, without too much effort from your side. And as good as the One Magtek is as an all-mountain board on every aspect, I do miss some character, some challenge, something unexpected. The Rossignol One Magtek is a 4 star snowboard for my preferences.

Rossignol about the One Magtek

"The reinvented ONE MAGTEK features Rossignol's industry-first Lite Frame technology for full-length shock absorption and playful board control for the ultimate ride. Combined with RadCut, AmpTek, and Magne-Traction technology, the all-new, redesigned One is still the one to have when you can only have one.", says Rossignol. I can only say that the One Magtek is an absolute fine all-mountain snowboard.

Related snowboards

Nitro Blacklight: pretty similar board.
Capita the Black Snowboard of Death: stiffer, less forgiving but more character.
Burton Custom X: allround as well, less grip.


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All-mountain board Rossignol One Magtek 2017


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