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All-mountain snowboard review
Rome Blur

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Rome Blur 2017 all-mountain snowboard test


Length (cm): 156, 159, 162
Waist (mm): 253, 254, 255


Terrain: 70% piste - 30% off-piste
Discipline: all-mountain
Snowboard level: advanced - expert
Stability: very good
Edge switch: good
Character: speed up in powder and piste
Profile: directional, almost full camber

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All-mountain board Rome Blur 2019


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Alex's review: Advanced+ all-mountain rider

Advanced+ level all-mountain boarder
Alex's rating of this snowboard:

4 stars

Considering his boarders profile:

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Reviewer Alex

"Which board has the highest limits on every terrain? Push and enjoy it to the max everywhere. Adrenaline comes from sharp long carves till blinding amounts of fresh snow in the woods. All-mountain snowboards should be able to handle it all."

 SkillsLevel 12
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 13
 Length:181 cm
 Weight:77 kg


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To all my reviews


Rome Blur: torsional stiff snowboard

Rome Blur (tested length 162cm) is especially good on piste and can be used for powder as well. I take it just as easy on a firm groomer day as on a mixed day with some powder runs. Especially when carving on prepared slopes you can feel the torsional stiffness of the Blur. It holds very well once you put power in your turn and ride the edge. Initiating the carve goes relative easy and the rebound is nice but far from extreme. Still good enough to get the feeling that the Blur only wants to be on the edges from one carve to the other. This means you do need skills to ride with comfort on the groomers. With a almost full camber shape the Rome Blur is alive, you get power back from your effort. The Blur can be taken in powder but it has limitations there in my opinion. All together a 4 star all-mountain snowboard for me.

Powder flex

Rome Blur feels more flexible once you hit powder, but it definitely holds its balance and needs speed for that. The steeper the slopes and the longer my turns, the better it felt. Once I had to go for shorter turns and on less steep terrain, the Rome Blur showed limits. Same when you need to go short and switch quickly on bumpy icy terrain, you'll get a challenge thrown at you. Not a big surprise as stiffer boards tend to have that a lot. Just good to know. You need to be an advanced rider for the Rome Blur and willing to put energy in it. Carving and speed are your favorite aspects of riding. 

Rome about Blur

This new board series is for high-octane down-mountain snowboarding. If you’re a rider who likes to run tram laps at a place like Jackson, this board is equally happy sending big drops as it is sending rooster sprays of pow. Or if you’re a rider who likes to get out on first-chair groomers, this board will snap around quickly and let you enjoy the g-forces of leaving ruts in corduroy. Wherever you get down, this board is a high-performing surgical tool.
Jump 8
Jib 4
Pow 10
Carve 10
All-terrain 9 "
, says Rome.
I understand a brand gives itself a 10. Compared to other brands' boards that is exaggerated, but it certainly is good for Carve and some Pow conditions!

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All-mountain board Rome Blur 2019


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