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All-mountain snowboard review
Nitro Pantera SC

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Nitro Pantera SC all-mountain snowboard test


Length (cm): 160, 163, 166
Waist (mm): 255, 257, 258
Length wide (cm): 163, 166, 169
Waist (mm): 271, 272, 271


Terrain: 50% piste - 50% off-piste
Discipline: full power boarding
Snowboard level: advanced+ - experts
Stability: amazing, very stiff
Edge grip: top
Floatation: good
Character: intense carve & powder lines

Alex's review: Advanced+ all-mountain rider

Advanced+ level all-mountain boarder
Alex's rating of this snowboard:

4 stars

Considering his boarders profile:

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Reviewer Alex

"Which board has the highest limits on every terrain? Push and enjoy it to the max everywhere. Adrenaline comes from sharp long carves till blinding amounts of fresh snow in the woods. All-mountain snowboards should be able to handle it all."

 SkillsLevel 12
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 13
 Length:181 cm
 Weight:77 kg


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1. Nitro Pantera
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For the few

The Nitro Pantera SC is a stiff, unforgiving, super fast, big line maniac. Taking the Pantera SC requires skills of the rider as it doesn't forgive. Are you fit, strong and like a continuous challenge? The Pantera SC delivers. It is a powerboard for sharp carving and big lines in powder. I love the rebound of a stiff camber snowboard like the Pantera SC, it feels alive when making turns on groomers at full speed. This Nitro board fits along the strongest and stiffest on the softboots snowboard market and supllies enormous edge hold. Fantastic once you have the skills to deal with it. Make sure there is nothing to forgive. I give it 4 stars as it is not so comfy on shorter turns.

Powder boarding

Nitro points out the Pantera SC is a freeride beast and that is true. Going at Mach 2 straight or with big turns from steep slopes off-piste is amazing, what a kick. The Pantera SC is so stable it won't even notice uneveness in snow. Point of attention comes when you want to go slower. Bumps will be a risk of getting catapulted. And as stiff this camber board is, it is hard work to get through a dense forest where you want to turn quickly and short. If you can handle the agressive style you need for it, the Pantera SC is great and will bring you down sweating and full of adrenaline. Tie matching top-end bindings on it, and preferable put stiff soft boots on as for a board like the Pantera SC it is even more important to keep the three-unit together. Then, unleash the monster on firm pistes and big powder lines.

Nitro about the Pantera SC

"Even more responsive than our beloved standard Pantera, the Pantera SC takes precision and high speed snowboarding to a whole new level. The amount of speed generated in and out of turns can only be described as G-Forces. The combination of our Diamond Laminates and Sintered Speed Formula II Base will allow you to handle the record-breaking speeds with ease. Built for those looking to drive a Formula 1 car down the mountain – nothing but the best!", says Nitro. True, enormous carve qualities and very stiff and fast.

Related snowboards

Arbor A-frame: good camber board to charge any terrain.
Nitro Pantera: all-mountain tank, slightly less stiff than the Pantera SC.
Rossignol XV Magtek: compareable stiffness, fantastic for big powder lines.



# Kaspar 2018-01-08 12:59

I'm looking for a stable and fast board (with excellent edge-hold - I'm in Europe) that's still fun in powder. I'm used to riding stiff camber boards, but mine is 7 years old now.

Some people say that they have difficulties with the pantera when in deep-snow - would you say that's in comparison to the more modern boards (rocker etc.), or would you say it's bad even for someone that learned snowboarding in the nineties?

# Yellow Gentian 2018-01-09 11:08
Hi Kaspar,

First, I ride these stiff boards in powder as well but the more specific freeride boards offer simply more comfort there. For both the Nitro Pantera and Pantera SC counts that I rather put the bindings further back in powder, otherwise it is a major pressure on the rear leg all the time, to keep it floating.
So, it is not bad but I understand that most boarders have a different preference. Especially now that there are very good and pretty stiff freeride boards on the market, like for example the Jones Carbon Flagship.
# Kaspar 2018-01-09 13:16

thanks - how do the Burton X or Amplid unw8 compare in deep snow?

Also - I am playing with the thought of getting a Rossi XV, since many people seem to say it's great and combines being good on groomers as well as powder - but am worried about the large nose and rocker making it fluttery and damp.

Basically, I love both carving and powder but am mostly on groomers and harder snow due to being in Austria, not having the time to go to the mountains whenever I want any more and everyone skiing again. So I'm looking for a board that I can speed on nicely, but one that does also use advances in technology to be a bit better in deep snow than the old boards. I deeply mistrust the whole rocker/hybrid thing and I'm unsure what experience level all the online reviews are meant for...

Care to share your thoughts / recommendations on that?

# Yellow Gentian 2018-01-10 08:33
Hi Kaspar,

As I wrote in my review on the Amplid UNW8, it outperforms the Custom X big time on piste and in powder in my opinion.

The Rossignol XV Magtek for me is a great freeride board with which you can carve reasonable. And the way you describe it, is on the spot. Large nose and rocker makes it less suitable for extreme carving. It doesn't come near the Pantera's for rebound and carving but is a lot easier to ride in powder.

I get the impression that you are thinking in the right direction for your preferences.


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