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Flexy board for more experienced riders

Most of all the Fate is a flexible standard camber board, which is good for playing around and less for carving. Nitro Fate is compareable with the Burton Feelgood to me with some differences that makes the Fate a 2 star rating board for me. The Fate is a bit less on the edges and the tail tends to slip at the end of a turn. Still a nice board though, I was able to play with it. For example I am able to ride the nose at a 45 degrees angle, so it's flexible enough. Of an all-mountain snowboard I expect a bit more in total.

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All-mountain board Nitro Fate

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Testing several snowboards in a row makes it easy to compare this one. With the Burton Feelgood fresh in mind, i feel that the Fate just can't compete. Very personal of course. The thing i liked best was the flexibility and pushing that till the limit. So don't get me wrong, the Fate still is a nice snowboard. Just in the end it wouldn't be my pick.





70% piste & 30% off-piste

Easy, slow switch, slide




Flexible, playful


Rating: 2 stars

The Feelgood experience

This snowboard doesn’t suit real beginners because it doesn’t turn easily but is more for the intermediate to advanced rider, I think. So if you’ve just passed the beginnersphase and want a fast snowboard with lots of control but are not interested in deep powder riding or tricks in the park, the Burton Feelgood feels really good. If you leave the park out it is an all-mountain board.

Nitro about the Fate

"Our most iconic Women´s All-Mountain board just got better, we added our TRÜE Camber for more liveliness, support and control. The Powerlite Core and Dual Degressive Sidecut allow you to effortlessly progress your style, confidence and style every day on the mountain. This lightweight do-it-all snowboard will allow you to conquer the entire mountain with picture perfect style and confidence. Don´t deny yourself a new winter filled with good times – it´s Fate!", according to Nitro. To me it is a flexible camber snowboard. I can't get too enthusiastic as i have felt better. Maybe standard is not good enough anymore.

Dimensions/sizes of the Nitro Fate

Length (cm): 147, 150, 153, 156
Waist (mm): 239, 241, 242, 243

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