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All-mountain snowboard review
K2 Turbo Dream

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K2 Turbo Dream all-mountain board terrain


Length (cm): 153, 156, 159, 162
Waist (mm): 245, 247, 249, 251
Length Wide (cm): 157, 160, 164, 167
Waist (mm): 260, 263, 266, 269


Terrain: 40% piste - 60% freeride
Discipline: all-mountain freeride
Skill level: intermediate - advanced+
Stability: medium
Edge grip: OK
Character: comfort and confidence

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All-mountain board K2 Turbo Dream 2018


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Jeffrey's review: Intermediate+ all-mountain boarder

Intermediate+ all-mountain boarder
Jeffrey's rating of this snowboard:


Considering his boarders profile:

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Reviewer Jeffrey

"An all-mountain snowboard's most important quality is versatility. To me that means a comfortable ride on any terrain, so that I can play with snow all day. No need for a struggle on extreme stiff boards when you can have fun as well."

 SkillsLevel 7
 FitnessLevel 11
 SpeedLevel 8
 Length:194 cm
 Weight:100 kg


My favourite all-mountain snowboards:


1. K2 Turbo Dream
All-mountain snowboard K2 Turbo Dream 2017


2. Ride Berzerker
All-mountain snowboard Ride Berzerker 2017


More to come


Great freeride/all-mountain experience

The K2 Turbo Dream is a great all-mountain board with a focus on freeride. Despite the less then perfect circumstances I've tested the Turbo Dream, I found this snowboard very easy to ride on- and off-piste. You don't have to put in a whole lot of energy to ride and enjoy this K2 board. It has great float and fast turn initiation. On piste the Turbo Dream gave me a nice and confident feeling, due to the great grip. Versatile and good everywhere: 5 stars well deserved. This is how a snowboard should be for me, no bounderies.

Easy and fun

Riding and testing the Turbo Dream snowboard was a fun experience to do. Mostly because it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to shred this K2 board. It goes where you want it to go and when you want it to go there, responsiveness. The comfort helps to keep focus on the terrain, surroundings and the perfect ride. It gave me great confidence and pleasure to ride and therefore I did not hesitate to give this board a five star rating!

K2 about the Turbo Dream

"The K2 Ultra Dream brings a maneuverable rocker feel and smooth predictability into any terrain. We use a Bambooyah™ blend in this skate-inspired, horizontally laminated core with K2’s signature Honeykomb™ tech to deliver durable, lightweight performance through the deepest powder pockets. We’ve layered carbon into the Ultra Dream’s fiberglass as a core additive for an extra dose of park energy so you can dream big on crud or corduroy, butter or black diamond.

Features: All-Terrain Baseline™, Bambooyah™ Blend, Tweekend™, Carbon Web™ II, Directional Twin Outline, 251mm Waist Width (158cm), Setback Stance - 3/4' (19mm)", says K2. What to say about this desciption...? This review says it all and therefore is K2 accurate. The Turbo Dream is very versatile and will make you feel confident in almost all sorts of terrain.

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Arbor Roundhouse: this board is also so much fun and easy to ride.
Libtech Attack Banana: same category as it is a great and fun all-mountain board to shred!

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All-mountain board K2 Turbo Dream 2018


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