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All-mountain snowboard review
Capita The Black Snowboard of Death

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Capita the Black Snowboard of Death 2017 all-mountain board test


Length (cm): 156, 159, 162, 165
Waist (mm): 253, 256, 259, 262


Terrain: 50% piste - 50% off-piste
Discipline: all-mountain
Snowboard level: intermediate - expert
Stability: good till reasonable speed
Edge switch: easy
Character: versatile

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Capita The Black Snowboard of Death all-mountain snowboard 201


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Steef's review: Expert all-mountain boarder

Expert level all-mountain boarder
Steef's rating of this snowboard:

5 stars

Considering his snowboarders profile:

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Reviewer Steef

"Enjoying the whole mountain needs a maximum of piste carving, float in powder and playfulness. And for some decent carving on piste with acceleration a condition is good edge grip and camber. I am prepared to work for it."

 SkillsLevel 12
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 13
 Length:180 cm
 Weight:72 kg


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2. Capita Black snowb. of Death
All-mountain snowboard Capita the Black snowboard of Death 2017


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To all my reviews


What a great all-mountain snowboard!

Capita The Black snowboard of Death: an agile board for fun on piste, carving and powder off piste. The BSOD gives a lot of confidence and invites you to push your limits. It’s a very easy and forgiving board without getting bored at all. This is a 5-star quality all-mountain snowboard for me. First to notice on piste is how light and agile this board feels. Once on top speed you might experience this as a little nervous, but it’s never getting disturbing. You can push this Capita all-mountain board really hard through corners without lack of grip. Nice pop out of short corners and a lot of control through long high speed corners. Although the Black Snowboard of Death is a stiff and high end board, it is still docile enough for the less experienced boarder to grow to the next level.

Off-piste natural float

Wonderful how the BSOD board operates in the powder. It floats quite easily and the nose stays nice above the snow. The agility of this snowboard in powder is amazing, you will enjoy a good run through the forest. So easy, very nice! I didn’t feel the need of changing the stance of the bindings coming from on piste to off piste, it just felt natural.

Capita about The Black snowboard of Death

"With legendary status as an all-terrain slayer, The CAPiTA Black Snowboard of Death leans toward the mountain side of riding with a custom-designed rockered nose, a subtle 5mm tapered tail, and positive camber through the mid-section. This allows for tons of pop, insane control, and flotation in powder — making you a better snowboarder in variable terrain and changing conditions. The 2016/17 model features a lower tip height, stronger flex pattern, and an elongat-ed positive camber section. Combined with the Hover Core™, NANO-Carbon forks, and an Olympic level NANO-Carbon Race Base™, The Black Snowboard of Death stands as one of the most advanced snowboards available.", says Capita. I really think they accomplished a good job. It seems like the perfect mix for those who only want just one board for all conditions. I took it at 162 cm which felt the right size for me.

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Capita The Black Snowboard of Death all-mountain snowboard 201


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# Bob brooks 2015-09-26 17:55
Totally agree with review,I have the 2014/15 board,which I bought on a whim and it's a keeper! I usually take 3 boards on a trip to cover everything and this is the only board I have ever had that can do it on its own! One thing the review didn't mention was the speed,this thing is sooo fast with incredible acceleration even faster than my carbon flagship and that's makes keeping the speed and nose up on low gradient pow a doddle! well done capita!
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