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Reviewer Jeffrey

"An all-mountain snowboard's most important quality is versatility. To me that means a comfortable ride on any terrain, so that I can play with snow all day. No need for a struggle on extreme stiff boards when you can have fun as well."

 SkillsLevel 7
 FitnessLevel 11
 SpeedLevel 8
 Length:194 cm
 Weight:100 kg


My favourite all-mountain snowboards:


1. K2 Turbo Dream
All-mountain snowboard K2 Turbo Dream 2017


2. Ride Berzerker
All-mountain snowboard Ride Berzerker 2017


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Reviewer Alex

"Which board has the highest limits on every terrain? Push and enjoy it to the max everywhere. Adrenaline comes from sharp long carves till blinding amounts of fresh snow in the woods. All-mountain snowboards should be able to handle it all."

 SkillsLevel 12
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 13
 Length:181 cm
 Weight:77 kg


My favourite all-mountain snowboards:


1. Nitro Pantera
All-mountain snowboard Nitro Pantera 2017


2. Amplid UNW8
All-mountain snowboard Amplid UNW8 2017


3. Capita Supernova
All-mountain snowboard Capita Supernova 2017


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Reviewer Steef

"Enjoying the whole mountain needs a maximum of piste carving, float in powder and playfulness. And for some decent carving on piste with acceleration a condition is good edge grip and camber. I am prepared to work for it."

 SkillsLevel 12
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 13
 Length:180 cm
 Weight:72 kg


My favourite all-mountain snowboards:


1. Amplid UNW8
All-mountain snowboard Amplid UNW8 2017


2. Capita Black snowb. of Death
All-mountain snowboard Capita the Black snowboard of Death 2017


3. Rossignol XV Magtek
All-mountain snowboard Rossignol XV Magtek 2017


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All-mountain snowboarding



All-mountain snowboards range from playful and flexible to quick and stiff. Main quality of an all-mountain snowboard is its versatility. The boards should be able to go around on more than one type of terrain: piste/groomers, park, powder. Your personal skills and preference in aspects like speed, playfulness, sharp carve turns, jumping and landing, riding powder, forgiving nature, etc. will determine your match within the all-mountain category.

The Yellow Gentian testers try to write about the tested boards how they behave in several situations and without getting to technical. The differences between snowboards in every aspect of boarding can be big, so take advantage of our tests and pick carefully.

Ratings are personal

The snowboard testers you see, have all tested all-mountain snowboards as they are categorized by the manufacturer. Their snowboard reviews and ratings reflect the kind of boarder they are. In our opinion the big snowboard brands don't make bad boards. The challenge is to find the right match between board and snowboarder and that will stay at least partly subjective. By getting to know more about the tester, you should be able to get an idea what the snowboard can do for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us via Google+, facebook or by e-mail info@yellowgentian.com. And you can become a tester on the Yellow Gentian website yourself too! In case you want to share your own reviews about all-mountain snowboards, just fill in the test report form and we'll get in touch with you.


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