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Stöckli Laser SL

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Slalom ski Stöckli Laser SL 2016 in the ski test


Length (cm): 150, 155, 160, 165, 170
Sidecut (mm): 119-66-97
Radius (m): 11, 11.8, 12.7, 13.6, 14.5


Terrain: 100% piste
Discipline: Slalom ski
Skier level: advanced - expert
Stability: excellent
Edge grip: very good
Character: fast and predictable

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Slalom ski Stöckli Laser SL 2019

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DellaSausa's review: Intermediate+ slalom skier

Intermediate+ level slalom skier
DellaSausa's rating of this ski:

5 stars

Considering his skiers profile:

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Reviewer DellaSausa

"I like to ski at high speed. Giant slalom skis are made for me. Stability is very important. Slalom is nice for shorter work when necessary. Like at the end of the day on icy bumpy pistes. Allround piste skis should be damp but not too comfortable."

 SkillsLevel 8
 FitnessLevel 9
 SpeedLevel 12


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To all my reviews


Stöckli Laser SL great looks stand out

The Stöckli Laser SL is a good slalomski with great looks, that blue color stands out in snow. The Slalom ski in the Laser series is stable at regular and high speed in slalom size turns what it is made for. It has good grip on the edges up to medium turns. On groomed pistes at high speed and straighter lines you can reach the limit of the ski and loose a bit of control. Also long turns are challenging on the Laser SL, it is against the nature of the Laser SL. If you want that, consider longer GS skis as you can feel the radius of slalom skis like the Stöckli Laser SL work against you. You know you're skiing on the limit though and that's fun for me! At medium speed you are fully in control with the Laser SL. Absolutely enough grip on the edges in short till medium size turns, as said. For me, a high speed skier which prefers longer turns till straight lines, this slalom ski reaches its limit a bit too fast. But it is still a challenging ski for me. Stöckli Laser SL is a 5 star ski as a slalom ski for the great looks and the challenge!

High performance and good challenge at high speed

The Stöckli Laser SL is a pure slalom piste ski. It's great skiing on groomed hard and also icy slopes. This ski is highly maneuverable, stable and also agile, and gives you control and grip on medium to high speed. For this way of skiing, the Laser SL stands out for advanced+ recreational piste skiers. It doesn't mean you can't try other things with it as well, all part of the fun and test. Then, at higher speed and larger turns on the Laser SL you'll notice you'll need your full focus because you can suddenly reach the limit of the ski and loose control. With short and medium turns at regular and high speed the Stöckli Laser SL is a great ski with great grip, so don't let the limit scare you off, the ski is for short turns. Just the looks alone compensate for that one straight line down.

Stöckli about the Laser SL

"Perfect geometry and a super grip, even on hard and icy pistes. This describes the SL, a high performance slalom ski and a real winner when it comes to making short and medium-length turns. Its features include increased stability underneath the feet and more direct and harmonious turn initiation – all resulting from new VRT technology.", says Stöckli. I fully agree. Great looks and a real challenge on high speed.

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