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Giant Slalom ski review(s)
Rossignol Hero Master

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Rossignol Hero Master 2016 tested on piste


Length (cm): 170, 175, 180, 185
Sidecut (mm): 116-70-98
Radius (m): 18


Terrain: 100% piste
Discipline: Giant Slalom
Skier level: advanced+ - expert
Stability: superb
Edge grip: good
Edge switch: fast

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Rossignol Hero Master sales EU

Giant Slalom ski Rossignol Hero Master 2019

Logo YellowGentianRetail price:
€ 899.95

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Snowleader: € 798.90 Amazon.de: € 779.99
Amazon.fr: € 779.99
Amazon.co.uk: £ 683.05

Ell's review: Expert giant slalom skier

Expert level giant slalom
skier Ell's rating of this ski:

5 stars

Considering her skiers profile:

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Reviewer Ell

"The ultimate giant slalom ski has a very high stability, is heavy and stiff enough to cut through snow bumps at the and of the day. You always know where this ski goes: straight down until you give it a new direction!"

 SkillsLevel 14
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 14


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3. Rossignol Hero Master
Giant slalom ski review Rossignol Hero Master


To all my reviews


Heavy sportive race ski

The Rossignol Hero Master (175cm) is a real heavy race ski. Are you very sportive, do you have good skills for racecarving down groomers, do you want to get tired? If yes, you would like the Hero Master. This black ski is a very sportive one and has a large reach of possibilities. Short to long turns, carving and sliding, firm groomed slopes to snow bumps at the end of the day, this ski will like it all! It is up to you if can handle it all day as it is demanding as a raceski with Giant Slalom radius should be. The edge to edge switch is very good as is the edge grip. I am very positive about the Rossignol Hero Master, it challenges.

Lovely pure race monster

The Rossignol Hero Master piste ski gets my five stars. I want to get tired of skiing and I think you should do (and be able to do) everything with the same ski (all conditions on piste/groomers), what is exactly what the Hero Master offers. I also think this ski is a really good match for a skier who has some more weight, as the Hero Master feels steady and heavy. But also for a small light person like me, it is fun to ride. Just make sure you have the right position and stay compact above your skis otherwise this Rossignol ski will go his own way and master you!

Rossignol about the Hero Master

"The new HERO MASTER is a super-charged Masters GS racing weapon. Featuring real-deal World Cup race room construction, the new WC GS Master is available in four new sizes with fun, aggressive sidecuts: 170cm (Radius: 16m) 175cm (Radius: 18m), 180cm (Radius: 21m), 185cm (Radius: 23). New Prop Technology provides more adaptive torsional flex for increased control, smoother turn initiation, superior power transfer, and improved edge contact. Power Turn tip rocker speeds turn initiation for faster, more aggressive lines while new rounded tips improve swing weight and inertia, putting the ski on edge even faster. Cascade Tip technology improves swing weight and delivers full edge contact while World Cup titanal sandwich construction and the R20 WC race plate delivers rock-solid stability, balance and power.
100% Racing "
, says Rossignol. Just what they say: power, speed, aggressive lines and very high stability.

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# Ed 2017-01-07 09:48
Tested many GS skies and this one (M16) was a spot on for bid older but sporty skier. I'm 48 and it's not anymore time to be a race freak. So going with family to check groomers and I LOVE to get tired by end of the day. These are almost like classy GS pro skies but turned down to get them used on normal slope where you are not the only one skiing.

Tons of grip and control, the only speed limit is in fact how fast can you cut air with your body in civil clothes :)

I feel again as semi-pro skier having fun of skiing at edge of extreme.

Did i mention they are beauty?

Other tested being almost as good as Masters? Atomic D2 GS, Volkl Sppedwall, Stockli GS. I don't like Heads, don't know why
# Ralph 2017-02-16 03:50
What didn't u like abut the Stockli GS? I am looking at Rossi Hero Master n Stockli GS for use in my beer league racing. We're u able to demo all at same Mnt? If so, where? Much thnx!
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