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Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti

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Rossignol Hero ST Ti 2016 tested on piste


Length (cm): 157, 162, 167, 172
Sidecut (mm): 122-68-104
Radius @ 167 cm (m): 13


Terrain: 100% piste 
Discipline: slalom
Skier level: advanced - expert
Stability: good
Edge grip: great
Edge switch: fast

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Slalom ski Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti 2018

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Craig's review: Advanced piste skier

Advanced piste skier
Craig's rating of this ski:

5 stars

Considering his skiers profile:

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Reviewer Craig

"My preference in a piste ski (the third and narrowest ski in my Quiver) will probably be in the approximate 65mm to 85mm underfoot. I love high edge angles, high edge hold, short radius turns, and a detuned race ski answers that call."

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 9
 SpeedLevel 7
 Length:185 cm6'1"
 Weight:82 kg180 lbs


My favourite piste skis:

1. Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti
Slalom ski review Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti


To all my reviews


The Ski

TOP PICK in this narrow detuned race slalom category. The first thing you normally notice on a new ski, are the top sheet graphics, and this is not a highlight of the 2019 Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti! So, I am basing my 5 star rating on performance, not looks..... Within the first few turns this ski quickly tells you, that it wants to always be on edge, and at high edge angles. It does not like to run flat, nor is it particularly stable at higher speeds (this is a slalom ski after all, with a 13m turn radius). BUT, short radius carve turns are amazing, and memorable. Plus, you don't have to worry about those skied off icy areas.....just welcome them, and keep this Hero on a high edge, it will hold a steady course.....wonderful!
Edge engagement is excellent, and chatter was not a issue. This Rossi will exercise you, when skied properly. You can load the tail of this 167cm length at the end of your turn, the tail will support, and pop you back into a weight forward position for the beginning of the next turn. If you get lazy, in a weight back position to start your next turn, you quickly realize, you better get your shit together! Would I have preferred the 172cm length, maybe (not available for test), but I have no complaints about this tested length, considering this skis intended purpose.


The Rossignol Hero Elite Short Turn is actually good in bumps. Not great, but not bad for such a stiff ski. It's damping is very good to excellent. I also skied the new (2018-19) Experience 88 back to back with this ski (see my separate review). I found a similar on-snow feel between these two skis. Both of the new skis have a bit less damping than their respective 2017-18 construction counterparts. I also (surprisingly) recognized a similar on-snow feel to Rossi's current "airtip" Freeride construction (see my review of the 2018 Super 7), except the damping and performance (within their specific category) is much-much better in the Hero and the 88. I made a comment to the Rossi rep, and he agreed with my perception, and indicated this was a intended design. Is this a negative? Well, both of these new skis have such great overall qualities, I would have to say, not really, except perhaps at higher speeds or variable terrain, where the current (2017-18) 88hd with its superb damping, reigns supreme.

Who is this ski for?

- if you dream about short turns, and high edge angles
- if you want to put a lot of energy into your skiing
- if you know how, or want to learn to angulate
- if you ski firm, or skied off icy conditions
- if you prefer piste terrain, but still venture into the occasional bump run
- excellent narrow-slalom piste-ski in your 3 ski quiver

Rossignol about the Hero Elite ST Ti

"Powerful, precise, and perfectly balanced, the HERO ELITE ST Ti is a full-throttle, recreational slalom ski for technical and race league skiers. Our race-room developed Prop Tech provides adaptive torsional flex for improved edge contact and increased control, while Power Turn Rocker speeds turn initiation for faster, more aggressive lines. World Cup titanal sandwich construction delivers rock-solid stability.", says Rossignol.

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# Matthew 2016-03-22 01:08
I just purchased these skis not to long ago and I love them. In my opinion the best slalom ski you can buy and I have tested many slalom skis. If your hesitant on buying them do not be these deliver exactly what you want and you will not regret purchasing them.

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