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Piste ski review(s) HEAD
WC Rebels i.GS RD

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Head Worldcup Rebels i.GS RD 2016 piste ski test


Length (cm): 176, 181, 186
Sidecut @181cm (mm): 102-65-86
Radius @181cm (m): 25.0


Terrain: piste
Discipline: giant slalom
Skier level: expert
Stability: rock solid
Edge grip: superb
Edge switch: lightning fast

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Giant slalom ski Head WC Rebels i.GS RD 2019

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Ell's review: Expert giant slalom skier

Expert level giant slalom
skier Ell's rating of this ski:

5 stars

Considering her skiers profile:

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Reviewer Ell

"The ultimate giant slalom ski has a very high stability, is heavy and stiff enough to cut through snow bumps at the and of the day. You always know where this ski goes: straight down until you give it a new direction!"

 SkillsLevel 14
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 14


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Incredibly perfect giant slalom ski

Today I went into the testcenter and asked for a giant slalom ski of Head. They answered me; We're sorry the shortest ski is 181cm (I'm only 162). So I asked ; Do you think I will survive it? I took that ski for a ride and I was totally in shock. How can they make such a perfect ski! The Head WC Rebels i.GS RD allows you to make super long turns (radius 25.0m) and keeps giving you a feeling of control. Total balance, a very good edge grip and gathering speed so fast. Finaly I had to give everything to ride a ski! You have to make sure that your position, movements and timing are good. This ski will punish you if you make a mistake. I thought it would be very hard to do short turnings but is wasn't so hard to do. This ski is FIS approved for Continental Cup and Masters and that makes it a legal weapon!

One of my favourites!

I really love the Rebels i.GS RD, but I think it is not a ski for a recreational skier. If you want to have a ski like this, think about this: - you're not alone at the slopes. You can't make your turning where ever you want and you will be way faster than everyone else. - this ski is very hard to ride on a bumpy slope. -there are just a few slopes where you can carve (radius 25!!!) -if your fitness isn't extremely good, half of the day you will be out of business! But if you can handle all this, you will have the best ski ever made!

Head about the Worldcup Rebels i.GS RD

"The perfect tool for giant slalom missions. World Cup Proven", says Head.

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