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Piste ski review(s) HEAD
i.Supershape Titan

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Head i.Supershape Titan 2016 piste ski test


Length (cm): 156, 163, 170, 177
Sidecut @170cm (mm): 133-80-111
Radius (m): 11.9, 13.1, 14.3, 15.5


Terrain: 80% piste - 20% off-piste
Discipline: allround piste ski
Skier level: intermediate
Stability: good
Edge grip: medium
Edge switch: quite fast

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Piste ski Head i.Supershape Titan 2019

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Heyman's review: Advanced+ piste skier

Advanced+ level piste skier
Heyman's rating of this ski:

3 stars

Considering his skiers profile:

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Reviewer Heyman

"In both short and long turns a good piste ski is stiff enough to remain stable at max speed and flexible enough to handle bumps and loose snow when circumstances get worse. I like them playful as I consider the whole piste a big playground."


 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 7
 SpeedLevel 12
 Length:178 cm
 Weight:85 kg


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Comfortable and playful piste carver

The Head i.Supershape Titan is an 80mm wide all-round piste ski that is versatile and playful. Intermediate skiers will love this ski for its easy turning and comfort. The edge switch is quite fast considering its width. The flexibility of the ski makes it lively and playful. The more pressure you put into the turn, the sharper the Titan will turn. So you can play with the radius carving shorter and longer turns as you like. Personally as a piste ski I find the Titan too soft and too wide. But intermediate skiers will have a fun time skiing the Head i.Supershape Titan.

Easy turning vs edge grip

The Head i.Supershape Titan is quite flexible along the length of the ski. That makes the ski playful and able to carve short and long turns. The Titan has however a high torsional stiffness which enhances edge grip. The two put together makes it a fine ski for intermediates being easy to turn as well as a sharp carver.

Head about the i.Supershape Titan

"This legendary ski feels at home especially just off the groomed piste.", says Head. Intermediate will feel at home on the Titan. It doesn't feel at home off-piste though, but it performs well in all conditions the piste can ever be in.

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