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Piste ski review(s) Fischer
Progressor F19 Ti

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Fischer Progressor F19 Ti 2017 piste ski test


Length (cm): 163, 170, 177, 182
Sidecut (mm): 122-75-104
Radius (m): 13-17 @ 170 cm


Terrain: 100% piste
Discipline: All conditions on piste
Skier level: intermediate+ - expert
Stability: good
Edge grip: good
Character: light weighted piste quality

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Fischer Progressor F19 Ti sales EU

Fischer Progressor F19 Ti 2019

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€ 699.95

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Gijs' review: Intermediate+ piste skier

Intermediate+ level piste
skier Gijs' rating of this ski:

5 stars

 Considering his skiers profile:

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Reviewer Gijs

"Smoothness, precision and a consistent feel are what I look for in a piste ski. I am not the racer type, I prefer a ski that challenges me technically, but does not break my bones doing so. For many recreational European skiers, a versatile piste ski is all they need".

 SkillsLevel 8
 FitnessLevel 7
 SpeedLevel 9
 Length:182 cm
 Weight:85 kg


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Every man's ski

The Fischer Progressor F19 Ti is the latest model in a long history of Progressor skis. They are top-end allround piste skis for intermediate to expert skiers. It is the top model in the series and it has all the good stuff that stable, damp, responsive skis are made of: metal laminate, full sidewall, some tip-rocker, full wood core. At the same time, the Progressor F19 Ti is one of the lightest skis in this category. It has the stable, damp feel of a high performance ski, and it is playful and easy to ski at the same time.

Easy and powerful

I think this is the ski with the widest range of skill levels and skier types available at the moment. The Fischer Progressor F19 Ti is as allround as a piste ski can possibly be. For on piste conditions (the really hard stuff up to slush and crud at the end of the day) it is perfectly shaped. A bit of rocker, a nice ‘in the middle’ 75 mm waist and a construction that instils confidence and rewards good technique at the same time. Aggressive chargers will opt for a consumer GS ski, and rightly so. But for everyone else, this is a ski you can purchase blindly. For me a 5 star ski.

Fischer about the Progressor F19 Ti

"Unlimited energy: new Razor Shape for particularly effortless skiing and stability in turns. Ideal power transfer and dynamic behaviour in both long and short turns are ensured by the proven Dual Radius System and RACETRACK Plate. Extreme weight reduction thanks to Air Tec Ti. With On Piste ROCKER.

LIGHTWEIGHT WITHOUT COMPROMISES: AIR TEC With its own, specially developed patented technology designed for the Nordic sector's extreme targets of weight reduction, Fischer now enables less weight in Alpine skiing, too. The Air Tec wood core has been given an elaborate, offset milled structure which, on the one hand, makes the core 25% lighter and, on the other hand maintains the outstanding ski performance: both flex and torsion remain the same.

ESPECIALLY FOR THE SLOPES: ON-PISTE ROCKER With On-Piste ROCKER the shorter contact length of the ski ensures that turn initiation is easier. Specially tuned to piste conditions, the contact length is exact: the On-Piste ROCKER is a moderate version which makes manoeuvring easier for the skier.

RADIUS WONDER BY THE NAME OF DUAL RADIUS SYSTEM This ski fascinates everyone: through its different geometries at the ski tip and tail, skiers are enthusiastic about the Progressor with its two different radiuses. 13 and 17 m ensure more dynamism in turns – regardless of whether they are short or long", says Fischer. And rightly so. Effortless and powerfull at the same time.

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