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Piste ski review(s) Atomic
Cloud Eleven ARC

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Atomic Cloud Eleven ARC piste ski tested


Length (cm): 144, 151, 158, 165
Sidecut @158cm (mm): 122,5-74-103
Radius (m): 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13


Terrain: 100% piste
Discipline: comfort skiing in all conditions
Skier level: advanced
Stability: good
Edge grip: good
Edge switch: easy

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Piste ski Atomic Cloud Eleven 2019

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Jocelyn's review: Intermediate piste skier

Intermediate level piste skier
Jocelyn's rating of this ski:

4 stars

Considering her skiers profile:

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Reviewer Jocelyn

"I don't need the thrill of extremes, I like the technical and stylish way to ski on piste. Carving and sliding qualities are evenly important to me. Piste skis should be comfortable. And it's a bonus if they are leight and easy to carry."

 SkillsLevel 6
 FitnessLevel 6
 SpeedLevel 6


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Top piste ski

Atomic launched their new women’s top ski the Cloud 11 ARC. And a top piste ski it is! The Atomic Cloud Eleven is a light, versatile piste ski. It' s easy to turn, and it makes you carve flawlessly. This is due to the ARC binding which is mounted at one point so the ski bends more fluently. You just need less power to work your skis from turn to turn. And the nice thing is that you can still really push them hard, without losing edge hold. Well done Atomic!

Touch of lime

The Atomic Cloud 11 is very stylish piste ski. I just loved the touch of lemon in the design. But the design is not the only nice quality element of this ski. The Atomic Cloud 11 is a premium ladies piste ski. Especially designed for the more advanced skiing ladies. The reason why I say advanced, is that the ski is there to challenge you a bit without extreme punishment. Just enjoy carving or short parallel turns at higher speed, these are the moments when the Cloud 11 delivers an ultimate performance. The ski is very controlled and has some stiffness, which is typical for Atomic skis. But the ARC binding makes the ski quite relaxed to handle. And the good thing as well is, the Atomic Cloud 11 doesn’t dip immediately into to snow, when you go off-piste. I am not saying that the Cloud 11 is also an all-mountain ski, but if gives you the opportunity to catch some side country once in a while during your skiing day. To me the Atomic Cloud Eleven ARC simply helps to give me a great skiing day.

Atomic about the Cloud Eleven ARC

"The all-new Atomic Cloud Eleven is our number one ski if your dream day is cruising down beautifully groomed pistes. It features our super-popular ARC Technology that channels your power through one mounting point in the center of the ski, allowing it to flex naturally for perfect traction and smooth, natural rides. Add to that a Piste Rocker offering easy turn initiation and precise edge grip, and you’ve got unmatched agility and performance in one beautifully balanced package. Purposely lightweight for women skiers and with a V-shape body for easy turn initiation, the Cloud Eleven also features a quality Woodcore and Step Down Sidewall 2.0 for amazing stability. Finished with a richly embossed topsheet, this is one super-stylish ski for female performance skiers with poise.", says Atomic. The Cloud 11 gives you the best performance on piste, true.

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