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Piste skis roughly consist of a race department: Slalom (stiff, short radius) Giant Slalom (stiff, long radius) Cross (stiff, medium radius) and a sportive, comfort skis department. The latter are also called allround piste skis. All of them are great for groomers. One more than the other for bumpy end of the day pistes and crud. You usually don't want to take these skis off-piste.



Match your skiing profile with one of our testers' and read the reviews of their favourite piste skis.









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Reviewer Heyman

"Edge grip and accelleration are crucial elements for a slalom ski. Edge grip to challenge you each time to turn sharper and go almost horizontal through the turn. Accellaration to shoot you into the next turn until your legs burn."

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 7
 SpeedLevel 12
 Length:178 cm
 Weight:85 kg


My favourite slalom skis:

1. Blizzard SRC Racing S
Blizzard SRC Racing S 2015


2. Head Worldcup Rebels i.SL
Slalom ski Head Worldcup Rebels i.SL 2016


3. Salomon X-Race 165cm
Piste ski Salomon X-Race 2016


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Reviewer Ell

"The ultimate giant slalom ski has a very high stability, is heavy and stiff enough to cut through snow bumps at the and of the day. You always know where this ski goes: straight down until you give it a new direction!"

 SkillsLevel 14
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 14


My favourite piste skis:

1. Atomic Redster D2 3.0 XT
Piste race ski Atomic Redster D2 3.0 XT


2. Head Worldcup Rebels i.GS RD
Giant slalom ski Head Worldcup Rebels i.GS RD


3. Rossignol Hero Master
Giant slalom ski review Rossignol Hero Master


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Reviewer Alex

"On piste I like the shorter slalom turns better than the longer turns, it feels more dynamic. As I usually ski all day long, I like my skis to be a challenge but not too stiff, so I can carve and cruise at the same time."

 SkillsLevel 7
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 10
 Length:181 cm
 Weight:77 kg


My favourite piste skis:

1. Stöckli Laser SXPiste cross ski Stöckli Laser SX 2017


2. Rossignol Hero Elite ST TiPiste ski Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti 2017


3. Stöckli Laser SL
Slalom ski Stöckli Laser SL 2017


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Reviewer DellaSausa

"I like to ski at high speed. Giant slalom skis are made for me. Stability is very important. Slalom is nice for shorter work when necessary. Like at the end of the day on icy bumpy pistes. Allround piste skis should be damp but not too comfortable."

 SkillsLevel 8
 FitnessLevel 9
 SpeedLevel 12


My favourite piste skis:

1. Atomic Redster D2 3.0 GS
Giant slalom ski Atomic Redster D2 3.0 GS


2. Head i.Supershape Speed
Piste ski Head i.Supershape Speed


3. Salomon X-Race
Piste ski Salomon X-Race 2016


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Reviewer Jocelyn

"I don't need the thrill of extremes, I like the technical and stylish way to ski on piste. Carving and sliding qualities are evenly important to me. Piste skis should be comfortable. And it's a bonus if they are leight and easy to carry."

 SkillsLevel 6
 FitnessLevel 6
 SpeedLevel 6


My favourite piste skis:

1. Fischer RC4 Superior Pro
Piste ski Fischer RC4 Superior Pro Racetrack


2. Head i.Supershape Rally
Piste ski Head i.Supershape Rally


3. Head Super Joy
Piste ski Head Super Joy


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en-US - * - 3076

Reviewer Steef

"For me skiing on piste is all about testing the limits of speed and grip of the skis, both slalom and giant slalom. Comfort and flex are less important to me than stability. Skiing is supposed to take a lot of energy out of you."

 SkillsLevel 7
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 11
 Length:180 cm
 Weight:72 kg


My favourite piste skis:

1. Atomic Redster D2 GS
Atomic Redster D2 GS


2. Stöckli Laser SXPiste cross ski Stöckli Laser SX 2016


3. Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC
Piste ski Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC 2017


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Reviewer Gijs

"Smoothness, precision and a consistent feel are what I look for in a piste ski. I am not the racer type, I prefer a ski that challenges me technically, but does not break my bones doing so. For many recreational European skiers, a versatile piste ski is all they need".

 SkillsLevel 8
 FitnessLevel 7
 SpeedLevel 9
 Length:182 cm
 Weight:85 kg


My favourite piste skis:

1. Völkl Racetiger Speedwall GS UVO
Slalom ski Völkl Racetiger Speedwall GS UVO


2. Rossignol Hero Elite LT Ti
Piste ski Rossignol Hero Elite LT Ti


3. Head Worldcup Rebels i.Speed
Giant slalom ski Head WC Rebels i.Speed


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Ratings are personal

The ski testers you see, have all tested piste skis. Their ski reviews and ratings reflect the kind of skier they are. In our opinion the big skibrands don't make bad skis. The challenge is to find the right match between ski and skier and that will stay at least partly subjective. By getting to know more about the tester, you should be able to get an idea what the ski can do for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us via Google+, facebook or by e-mail info@yellowgentian.com. If you want to share your own reviews about piste skis, you can become a tester too! Fill in the test report form and we'll get in touch with you.



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