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Völkl Confession

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Freeride ski test Völkl V-Werks Katana 2016


Length (cm): 179, 186, 193
Sidecut (mm): 144-117-133
Radius @184cm (m): 23.8


Terrain: 40% piste - 60% off-piste
Discipline: freeride
Skier level: advanced - expert
Stability: very good
Edge hold: very good
Floatation: very good
Profile: tip rocker-low camber underfoot-low tail rocker

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Freeride ski Völkl Confession 2018

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Craig's review: Advanced freeride skier

Advanced freeride skier
Craig's rating of this ski:

4 stars

Considering his skiers profile:

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Reviewer Craig

"Powder bump runs with numerous face shots, creamy untracked pow turns, and even huge carve turns on empty groomed runs at the beginning of the day are my favorite. I am not a high speed skier."

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 9
 SpeedLevel 7
 Length:185 cm6'1"
 Weight:82 kg180 lbs


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To all my reviews


Very good directional charger

I am writing quick reviews of 13 new 2016-17 freeride skis that I rode at the SIA demo days. This ski is one of eight skis I demoed in this approximate 115mm underfoot width. Conditions were soft, with 12 inches that fell the previous two days. Some face shots in the bumps on the first morning. Cut up groomers to test stability, and skied off areas to check edge hold.
I gave this ski 4 stars, even though it does not fit my profile. I prefer a more maneuverable ski, with better bump capabilities. This ski fits the description of "Directional Charger" for those straight line, higher speed skiers.


As mentioned the Völkl Confession is a very good directional ski, that is reasonably stable at speed. I have to say that its dampening qualities were not as high as I would have expected, considering its heavier weight, and stiffness, and results in a 4 star rating (I expect dampening qualities to increase respectively, as weight, and stiffness increase). However, compared to other carbon layup skis I have ridden, this ski has decent dampening qualities. Considering this is a burly feeling ski, it is pretty quick edge to edge. It is heavy up front, like a 5 point side-cut ski with a wide forebody.


The Völkl Confession is ok in bumps, but is not a top pick in this width ski.


I was impressed with the Confessions float and stability, in the limited time I was able to spend in powder.

Ski Tech

- Demo bindings mounted in standard position, demo bindings have metal plates under both toe and heel, increasing weight, stiffness, and dampening in a ski.
- Weight: 2250 g/ski. Feels heavier on your feet?
- Carbon stringer layup.
- Tthe 186cm length felt correct based on my profile.

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# ted 2017-12-15 22:49
Hi! I'd like to affirm the accuracy of your Confession review, and thank you for it.
I got this ski in 186, and wish I'd given more weight to your caution regarding dampness. I owned this ski for a full season, took it out in powder a dozen plus days, and found this length at least to have problems with damping just as you described - at speed, and/or in variable resort powder conditions - more than I had hoped. Up until reaching its damping limits, these mostly ski in powder very smoothly and calmly, to the point of being restful; but the speed limit in chop/crud occurred over and over in resort conditions. Shucks.
From the reports of friends and others, the longer 193 length Confession may not have this problem, not sure.

In addition, there is a second problem both the 186 (experienced by me repeatedly) and 193 (experienced by others) apparently have: in layered or crusting powder conditions, the edge has a tendency to catch or not release - sometimes causing hang ups. I experienced this repeatedly up on the Ridge at Loveland in windblown, layered powder, to the point of needing to use additional care/centeredness in compensation, that other powder skis I've used do not require.

Thanks for your great reviews, Craig!
# Craig 2017-12-17 15:16
Hi Ted, thank you for your comments. You have spent considerably more time on the Confession than myself. However, if you take a look at my 2017-18 Powder Ski Review, it should give you a good idea how this ski compares to the approximate 20 something other current wide pow skis I have reviewed. I am more of a finesse skier, than high speed straight line. Many skiers do not understand the importance of damping, particularly if you are a "in-resort" lift serviced skier. Heavier weight is usually relative to higher damping, but there has been significant advance in this area with some of the new skis. (My current top 3 are the Liberty Genome, Armada Tracer 118, and the DPS Lotus 124 Foundation). In this case, the damping quality does not quite keep up with this skis heavier weight. Wide pow skis will always be a bit of a challenge in the conditions you describe. I don't know your personal profile, to make a decision on Ski length. From your description, I would consider one of the other choices, rather than a longer length in the Confession. Thanks Craig
# ted 2017-12-17 21:54
I agree about the Confession. At this point, no way.
I wanted more of a powder/crud charger; I've gotten the longer Katana 112 at 191 cm instead. That bet seems to have paid off, but time will tell.
In recent years I've owned other powder/crud skis, including my own "fat" top three (with my more limited experience of skis). It is them I've compared the Confession to. They are the 184 (and now 191 also) Volkl Katana 112, the 184 Moment Bibby Pro 116, and the 189 K2 Pettitor 120, powder/crud skis that will charge (a bit, for me), and ski more playfully. None of these has shown the limitations/problems of the 186 Confession. The shorter Katana especially has been great in powder/crud bumps, like those found under lift A at Copper, for example. Like you, I appreciate that in a powder ski.
Note: The Pettitors used to be my "charger" ski, but a knee injury has made me notice the Pettitor weight (c. 2650 g/ski) more than I'd want. Thanks again. Ted
# Craig 2017-12-17 23:22
I have 38 days in the books so far this 2017-18 season here in Summit county and Vail....not one day on my pow skis! Just curious, considering your listed ski preferences, sizes and terrain......what is your weight and height? Experienced feedback like yours, can be very helpful to other skiers. Thanks again for your comments! Craig

P.S. Just finishing up with Reviews of the DPS 185cm Cassiar 95 Foundation, with Phantom lifetime base treatment, and Liberty's new laminate (for 2018-19) Origin 90 in a 179cm, both impressive skis. Should be posted shortly.
# ted 2017-12-18 20:54
Me: 150 lbs/5' 10". Race background, not near top, in high school. Older guy. Still charge some, on less serious terrain. Your reviews are the best, to me - very consistently accurate, for my style and skill level. ( I probably ski a little faster with a bit less skill.) 30 days so far this season, 3 on fatter skis (4-14" powder/crud). But then my fatter skis are nowhere near as fat as yours (Katanas 184 & 191, so far)!

It's very exciting that there are so many new skis, new designs, such as the DPS skis. I've demoed some of their Alchemist and Foundation skis from 85 to 112 this year, and would like to try the A. & F. Lotus 124s too (and those A. Tracer 118s). Look forward to your latest reviews. Ted
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