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Moment Deathwish

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Moment Deathwish freeride ski test 2016


Length (cm): 164, 174, 184, 190
Sidecut (mm): 138-112-129
Radius (m): 19, 22, 25, 27


Terrain: 30% piste - 70% off-piste
Discipline: freeride
Skier level: advanced - expert
Stability: excellent
Floatation: good
Profile: rocker - triple camber - rocker

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Freeride ski Moment Deathwish 2018

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Rasmus' review: Intermediate freeride skier

Advanced level freeride skier
Rasmus' rating of this ski:

5 stars

Considering his skiers profile:

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Ski reviewer Rasmus

"High maneuverability and easy to control describes my favorite freeride skis. Backcountry skiing is about nature, and I-time, and not about difficult skis and thighhurts tomorrow…"

 SkillsLevel 10
 FitnessLevel 10
 SpeedLevel 10


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Freeride ski Moment Deathwish


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3. Moment Cimo


To my profile


The ski of my desires

I have a hard time finding anything negative to say about this ski. I tested it last season, on a test trip to Sölden in November where I fell in love. The conditions where great new snow and nice bumpy pistes, just as you will find them in you favorite french resort (face it, the french are lazy when it comes to grooming ;-)). My style doesn't deny its origin: GS skis from back when carving was only something you did serving the occasional Sunday roast. This ski is perfect for the skier that knows how to treat a ski, being on its best side when it is controlled by a little weight all the time. It handles well in almost all conditions as a true all-mountain ski, despite it is called a freeride ski. It can ski pistes, roughs, and powder almost equally well, and yes I mean well. This ski actually is an all-mountain ski that isn't just that "in-between-and-can really-do-anything-to-the-max" ski one usually encounters riding all-mountain skis. Only thing where it lacks a bit is gripping on extremely icy pistes, but then again, there aren't many skis and skiers who are really comfortable with those conditions.

The Swiss Army Knife

When you ski difficult terrain, one of the things that gives you the pleasure of skiing is to know that that the perfect line lies within your grasp. To know that at the end of the day, there is only you and how you handled the snow that counts. This ski makes sure that it is you and not your equipment that sets the boundaries for the experiences of the day. Being stable, and easily skied but supplying the necessary cut, float and agility this ski will make sure that you as a skier feel confident in the ski you have under your feet. I feel that i am a better skier because it gives me the courage to do more stuff :-).

Moment about the Deathwish

"Still winning hearts, blowing minds, wooing industry editors, and standing proudly apart from the entire industry, the Deathwish is more popular now than we ever imagined it would be. Its incredible stability, pointability, and seemingly universal appeal across all ability levels mean the ski that pioneered Triple Camber Technology has changed little in three seasons; this year, we make an exception by adding durability and chip resistance in the form of semi-cap construction.", says Moment. Yes... I Admit it... I Preach...

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