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Kästle BMX105

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Kästle BMX105 2016 ski test


Length (cm): 173, 181, 189
Sidecut (mm): 134-105-123
Radius (m): 19, 21, 23


Terrain: 40% piste - 60% off piste
Discipline: freeride
Skier level: advanced - expert
Stability: excellent for length
Edge grip: above average for width
Edge change: very quick for width
Floatation: above average for width
Profile: tip rocker-low camber underfoot-tail rocker

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Freeride Kästle BMX105 2018

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Craig's review: Advanced freeride skier

Advanced freeride skier
Craig's rating of this ski:

5 stars

Considering his skiers profile:

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Reviewer Craig

"Powder bump runs with numerous face shots, creamy untracked pow turns, and even huge carve turns on empty groomed runs at the beginning of the day are my favorite. I am not a high speed skier."

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 9
 SpeedLevel 7
 Length:185 cm6'1"
 Weight:82 kg180 lbs


My favourite freeride skis:

1. Blizzard BonafideFreeride ski Blizzard Bonafide 2017


2. Kästle BMX105
Freeride ski Kästle BMX105


3. Liberty Genome
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To all my reviews


Top pick in this width

This is my second season on the BMX 105, that is in my personal quiver, and I have exposed it to nearly all conditions.  This Kastle does require frequent tuning for top performance.  The ski is extremely durable, both top and bottom.  It still looks new, and garners frequent comments from other skiers about its attractive top sheet. The bright green and white Kästle's in a 181cm, have a softer flex compared to the BMX105 HP which has two layers of titanal, and the same dimensions. The BMX105s were mounted with Tyrolia demo bindings with metal plates under both toe and heel, that add some weight, stiffness, and damping to the ski. This ski prefers a forward to neutral stance with higher edge angles, but it's quick release tail won't punish you when you get caught in the backseat. At speed in un-groomed cut up, soft conditions, the 105 is a blast. Is it a directional charger like the 185cm Blizzard Cochise? Not quite, it is more loose, and playful, and requires competent foot steering, but rips these conditions. I have adjusted my body position to satisfy this skis more forward balance point. It is most comfortable in soft conditions, including powder, cut up powder, soft bumps, and groomers with texture, but won't let you down in crud, and crusty conditions. The Kästle skis are somewhat exclusive, and often sell out early in the season.


The BMX105 is a superb carver in all turn shapes, with above average edge hold for this width category. (I would put this in a 95mm-108mm underfoot category, which for me, is my firm snow ski, in my current quiver). The 181cm length is stable at speed (could I use it slightly longer, based on my profile......perhaps a 183cm would be ideal, but I think I can suffer), and comfortably cuts through piles with ease. The ski is extremely quick edge to edge, with "smooth" edge engagement (maybe not as smooth engagement as the BMX105 HP, but very close). It's damping qualities are very good for a glass-wood laminate ski with no titanal.


The Kästle BMX105 is very good in bumps, with good damping, and softer even flex. It is better in bumps than its stiffer and heavier brother, BMX105 HP with titanal laminate.
I experimented with different mounting positions, including -1cm behind the recommended position. This did offer a bit more GS feel. I ended up with a mounting, one notch (which is 8mm on the Tyrolia demo bindings) in front of recommended mount position. This helped offset the forward balance point that this ski prefers, and increased quickness in the bumps.


For this width and length, the Kästle BMX105 is one of the best I've ridden. Above average float, and very stable. I was in 1-2 feet of fresh untracked in the back bowls, and said to myself "what a great one ski quiver here in the Rockies", as I took a face shot in the soft powder bumps!

Blizzard Bonafide 180cm vs Kastle BMX 105 181cm

I have both of these skis in my personal inventory.

Carving on groomed slopes: Both the Bonafide and the BMX 105 are superb carvers in this approximate width (with the Kästle HP version surpassing both). Excellent edge hold, and smooth edge engagement. Both the Bonafide and the BMX105 have above average speed. Either ski will bring a smile to your face on every carve turn!

Crud and cut up snow: in these conditions, the two layers of titanal give the Bonafide superb damping qualities, and make it the slightly better choice, but the Kästle is no slouch.

Bumps: both of these skis are very good in the bumps, very quick in this approximate 180 length based on my profile, and have the same 21m turn radius. The better damping of the Bonafide, and a more neutral balance point, can make for a more stable ride.

Powder: maybe it's the extra width of the 105 compared to the 98 of the Bonafide, but the Kästle's are superb in powder, and one of the best I have skied in any similar width.

Durability: both have a very durable top sheet, some of the best in the business. The Bonafide's, now on their third season, and the Kastle's on their second. No chipping on the top sheet with either ski.  Both have lost some of their edge, even with frequent tuning, but still look nearly new!

Summary:  if you want a ski with a preference for softer-powder conditions with a forward balance point, choose the Kastle.  If you want a ski with a preference for firmer conditions, bumps, with better damping, and a more neutral balance point, choose the Bonafide.

Ski Tech

- One degree bottom, two degree side edge.
- Edges sharpened tip to tail, with only short and light feathering (detuning) of tip and tail.
- Moderate-moderately heavy feel with demo bindings (2140g per ski blank).
- Moderate-moderately soft flex.
- Good-very good damping.
- 181cm length.
- Larger, or higher speed straight line skiers may want to consider next available length up, 189cm.
- Durable top sheet 

Who is this ski for

- If you prefer more off-piste, and bumps, than piste.
- If you ski more piste and prefer a stiffer ski, consider the BMX105 HP.
- If you can only buy one ski, and usually ski in a soft snow region, and want to ski the whole mountain....this is a top pick.
- If you want a mate for your powder skis in softer snow region, like the Rockies.
- If you want a exclusive, higher priced, top performing ski, and like lime green....I DO!

Kästle about the BMX105

"ELLIPTICAL RADIUS, a narrower turning radius in the shovel and tail, combined with a wider turning radius throughout the meat of the ski, allows the ski to easily adapt to different terrain depending on what you’re feeling. LOW CAMBER provides better response in deep powder and a harmonious flex when combined with PROGRESSIVE RISE ROCKER, enabling greater maneuverability. The BMX105’s 446mm of PROGRESSIVE RISE ROCKER improves floatation and enables smoother handling under diverse snow conditions", says Kästle.

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