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Elan Spectrum 95 ALU

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Freeriding the Elan Spectrum 95 ALU skis 2016


Length (cm): 173, 180, 187
Sidecut @180cm (mm): 135-95-110
Radius @180cm (m): 17.5


Terrain: 40% piste - 60% off-piste
Discipline: freeride
Skier level: intermediate - advanced
Stability: good
Edge switch: slow
Profile: rocker tip - camber - flat tail

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Freeride ski Elan Spectrum 95 ALU 2016

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€ 580.00


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Alex's review: Intermediate freeride skier

Intermediate level freeride
skier Alex's rating of this ski:

3 stars

 Considering his skiers profile:

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Reviewer Alex

"I like that great surfy feeling of skiing in powder snow like most people do. On extreme days a pure rocker ski is nice but usually I prefer the combination with camber. That challenges me more and supplies versatility."

 SkillsLevel 7
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 9
 Length:181 cm
 Weight:77 kg


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Easy entry freeride ski

With the Elan Spectrum 95 Alu you'll meet an easy to ski pair of freeriders. This freeride ski is relative flexible. Together with the big shovel tip, the floatation amount makes the Spectrum 95 Alu suitable for powder snow. Even though the radius indicates medium to large turns, it is easy to carve short turns on piste. Plus, sliding turns go just as easy.

Sart freeriding?

At a 95 width under the feet, you can imagine this freeride ski is still maneuverable. At maximum speed on groomers I wasn't too fond of it. Saying that brings me to what it is good for. Imagine you have been skiing for several years and feel confident enough to take the first steps into powder terrain. You don't want to take extreme freeride skis straight away, so you'll end up with the Elan Spectrum 95 Alu. Good choice as it is versatile enough to be comfortable on pistes as well.

Elan about the Spectrum 95 Alu

"Spectrum 95 Alu is the choice of the true enthusiasts. It is created for the top to bottom adventure. Thanks to the Alu Blade profile it assures the right combination of strength, lightweight, responsiveness and stability. The award winning Amphibio® profile combines camber and rocker in one ski, and is the source of effortless turns and handling, while the Diamond tip technology ensures excellent floatation. This ski can be used with fixed or heel flexible binding systems. Spectrum 95 Alu rocks any area of mountain – deep powder or slope.", says Elan. As the Spectrum 95 Alu is so easy to handle, on a piste and in the crud as well, I think intermediate skiers who start to explore powder will have a good match here.

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