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Dynastar Cham 2.0 97

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Freeride ski test Dynastar Cham 2.0 97 2016


Length (cm): 166, 172, 178, 184
Sidecut @178cm (mm): 133-97-113
Radius @178cm length (m): 15.0


Terrain: 30% piste - 70% off-piste
Discipline: all-mountain - freeride
Skier level: advanced - advanced+
Stability: good
Float: sufficient
Profile: rocker tip - camber - flat tail

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Freeride ski Dynastar 2.0 Cham 97 2017

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Heyman's review: Advanced freeride skier

Advanced level freeride skier
Heyman's rating of this ski:

4 stars

Considering his skiers profile:

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Reviewer Heyman

"What I look for in my ultimate freeride ski is plenty of float, maneuverability and playfulness. And you should be able to lay some trenches on the slopes as well. Weight reduction is all important for easy turning in difficult circumstances."

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 7
 SpeedLevel 12
 Length:178 cm
 Weight:85 kg


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Flat tailed freeride ski for all conditions

The Dynastar Cham 2.0 97 has a remarkable appearance. The tip is a wide shovel and has early rocker as many freeride skis have these days. The tail however is completely flat instead of the customary rockered freeride tail. This combination makes the Cham 2.0 97 very maneuverable and stable at the same time. When carving on piste I felt this ski came very close to the average piste ski despite its 97mm waiste. And that waist and the big nose shovel make it float beautifully in powder snow. You would think that the flat tail would make the ski difficult to steer in deep snow, but the opposite is true. The flat tail produces extra float, which makes turning easier. And the front shovel gives so much upward force that you can actually surf on powder snow. Great feeling! On piste the Cham 2.0 97 has plenty of edge grip for an agressive carve turn. Short turns and sliding turns are possible as well.

Freeride, all-mountain or both?

Because of all these qualities the Dynastar Cham 2.0 97 turns out to be an extremely versatile ski. Therefore it takes that place somewhere in between the all-mountain and freeride category, that a lot of skiers are looking for. If you're a freeride enthusiast and you're going to own just the one pair of skis for all conditions, the Dynastar Cham 2.0 97 is a very good choice.

Dynastar about the Cham 2.0 97

"Featuring a new, next-generation blend of rocker, sidecut, and construction, each element of CHAM 2.0 has been rethought, re-designed, and re-shaped to deliver maximum versatility, ease-of-use, and the hard-charging freeride performance that's synonymous with CHAM. At 97mm underfoot, the all-new CHAM 2.0 97 provides adaptable all-mountain performance whether no matter where the snow takes you. Moderate tip rocker provides better snow contact, float, and control; combined with traditional camber and a slightly rockered pintail for confident power and maneuverability. The smoothed-out five-point sidecut and more balanced, lightweight core profile provide smooth turn entry and exit for playful and instinctive performance in any snow condition, combined with the lightweight touring versatility to access any backcountry adventure. 70% Powder/ 30% All-Mountain", says Dynastar. I agree with the manufacturer on these points. Great float and maneuverability off-piste, plenty of edge grip and carving abilities on-piste.

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