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Salomon X-Drive 8.3

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Salomon X-Drive 8.3 2017 all-mountain ski test


Length (cm): 155, 162, 169, 176, 183
Sidecut @169cm (mm): 129-83-112
Radius (m): 12.8, 13.6, 14.4, 15.2, 16


Terrain: 75% piste - 25% off piste
Discipline: all-mountain frontside
Skier level: intermediate+ - advanced
Stability: OK at medium speed
Edge grip: medium
Versatility: all conditions

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All-mountain ski Salomon X-Drive 8.3 2017

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Alex's review: Advanced all-mountain skier

Advanced level all-mountain
skier Alex's rating of this ski:

3 stars

Considering his skiers profile:

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Reviewer Alex

"I like rocker for easy turning and float off-piste. Tip vibration doesn't bother me at all. Of course versatility is a condition for a quality all-mountain ski. It depends on snow conditions whether I prefer frontside skis."

 SkillsLevel 8
 FitnessLevel 12
 SpeedLevel 10
 Length:181 cm
 Weight:77 kg


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All conditions comfort ski

The 8.3 in the Salomon X-Drive series is in every aspect the middle one. On piste fine in all conditions. Enough power and speed in these skis for an advanced skier. Nothing extreme and therefor a great ski for a lot of recreational skiers. Nice carving in the edges and maneuverable enough for slushy snow. Secure choice for a week around the resort without doing deep powder runs.

Lightweight and stable enough

Easy to carry is a bonus. This X-Drive is lightweighted and its surface is not as slippery as the X-Drive 88. Performance is more important but still. The 8.3 has a good rebound and stays stable up to reasonable speed. Off-piste is certainly doable, but has its limits when the snow gets deeper. Not my thing with these skis. It is the performance from on groomers from the first till the last lift of the day that gives it my 3 star rating. Comfort with quality, it carves nice with easy sweet switches. Personally I prefer something heavier in anyway.

Salomon about the X-Drive 8.3

"Explore the mountain with this nimble and versatile all mountain ski.", according to Salomon. A week without extremes in snow conditions or own performance? Good choice.

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