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Line Supernatural 100

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All-mountain ski test 2017 Line Supernatural 100


Length (cm): 172, 179, 186
Sidecut (mm): 132-100-121
Radius @179cm (m): 21.3


Terrain: 70% piste - 30% off piste
Skier level: advanced - expert
Stability: rock solid
Edge grip: good
Edge switch: average
Floatation: mediocre

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All-mountain ski Line Supernatural 100 2018

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Heyman's review: Advanced+ all-mountain skier

Advanced+ level all-mountain
skier Heyman's rating of this ski:

3 stars

 Considering his skiers profile:

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Reviewer Heyman

"A solid backside all-mountain ski is as strong on-piste as it is off-piste. It is made to perform well everywhere within the resort bounderies. Stiff enough to remain stable at top speed, flexible enough for comfort and floatation in powder snow."

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 7
 SpeedLevel 12
 Length:178 cm
 Weight:85 kg


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Stable and serious all-mountain ski

The Line Supernatural 100 is the all-mountain counterpart of the freeride Line Sick Day 95 ski. It is heavier, has more stability at speed, is a lot less playful and certainly will never call in sick. Much too serious for that. On the groomers you can charge down as fast as you dare. The Supernatural 100 won't flinch. Preferably in a straight line or big wide curves, because going horizontal through a turn is not this ski's strong point. As the Supernatural 100 is quite stiff, it tends to rather go through crud and chop than over it. Although the ski is 100mm wide underfoot, powder snow is not its natural habitat.

Good overall quality, no playfulness

The Supernatural's predecessor the Prophet series was quite close to the Sick Day series: both were smooth, playful and lively. When designing the Supernatural, Line must have thought: let's make the Supernatural a lot different from the Sick Day. In that they succeeded as the Supernatural is not smooth, not playful and not lively. Maybe very big and powerful skiers are able to squeeze a little playfulness out of this ski, but normal people will be able to go very fast on this ski, but nothing more.

Line about the Supernatural 100

"The Supernatural 100 performs truly supernatural feats, like fitting 200% more funner skiing into 100mm of intuitive turn shape and this ski's powerful, directional flex pattern. A decendant of the legendary Prophet Ski Series, this pair takes it to the next level. Cut through the crud and the crowds on the Supernatural 100, featuring a tech pack of Shockwall™ and titanial Metal Matrix™ laminate, and get back to having the kind of fun that only LINE can achieve. We know that your all-mountain ski needs to hard-charge yet turn on a dime, and LINE pro Andrew Whiteford has helped us accomplish just that with the LINE Supernatural 100.", says Line. Well, that first part is absolutely true: this is a hard charger.

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