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All-mountain ski review
DPS Cassiar F95

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DPS Cassiar 95 Foundation all-mountain ski test


Length (cm): 168, 178, 185
Sidecut (mm): 131-95-116
Radius @178cm (m): 18
Weight (g): 1900


Terrain: 55% piste - 45% off piste
Discipline: all-mountain
Skier level: intermediate - expert
Stability: very good
Edge grip: above average for width
Edge change: average for width/length
Float: above average for width
Profile: rocker tip - camber - flat tail

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All-mountain ski DPS Cassiar 95 Foundation 2018

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Craig's review: Advanced freeride skier

Advanced freeride skier
Craig's rating of this ski:

5 stars

Considering his skiers profile:

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Reviewer Craig

"All-mountain skis will be my choice when conditions vary from firm to 6" of fresh snow. Better edge hold and carving capabilities should be expected compared to my powder skis. They should be competent in crud and soft bumps."

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 9
 SpeedLevel 7
 Length:185 cm6'1"
 Weight:82 kg180 lbs


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To all my reviews


The ski


-I skied the 95 over a multiple week period in early season conditions....variety of groomed conditions, small bumps, limited powder.

-test length 185cm with Tyrolia demo bindings, that add some weight and damping to the ski.  This is the longest length available in this series.  I fluctuate between skiing the longest length available from manufacturers, to most frequently, the next size down from the longest.  

-length seems ideal for my profile (please click on my picture to view my profile)

-error towards longer length based on your profile.

-DPS factory tune.  I did detune the tip in the short rockered area, which initially seemed to catch at higher edge angles.

-large sweet spot, the Cassiar 95 is well suited to a weight forward stance and driving the turn from the tip, or a upright stance with foot steering, and won't punish you in a weight back position.

-very forgiving.

-I experimented with different boot mount points using the demo bindings, and settled on 8mm (one notch forward on the Tyrolia binding) in front of scribe mark on ski.  For this 185 length and my profile, it made a slight improvement in turn initiation-edge change and bump performance, while maintaining excellent carve characteristics.  This slight change seemed to better balance the (subjective hand flex) stiffer front section with the softer tail.  A forward mount point can cause a reduction in stability at speed.  If I maintained forward pressure, kept the ski on edge, and did not stray to far from this skis longer turn radius, I could not find a speed limit on the Cassiar..

-DPS lists 18m turn radius @ 178cm, the 185cm feels closer to low 20s turn radius.

-medium flex, that seems to soften as you move aft of toe piece.

-listed as flat tail....bit more flip and rise than most flat tails.

-durable top sheet.


-ski loves high edge angles, resulting in excellent edge grip for this width, and it maintained this edge grip for the entire trial period without tuning.

-on skied off areas with shiny spots and inconsistent conditions, the Cassiar excels, one of the best I have ridden in this width, and these conditions.

-quickness of edge change is average for this width.

-very smooth edge engagement.  It's hard to make this ski chatter.

-superb carver at all turn shapes.

-great balance of lighter-moderate weight construction and very good damping.

-is it the lightest ski on the market-no.  Is it the dampest ski available-no, but I think it can satisfy skiers at both ends of the damping to weight spectrum.

-The DPS hybrid T2 construction from last year (which had high damping qualities, titanal laminate, heavier weight, and stiffer flex) has been discontinued for the 17-18 season.


-float is on the plus side of average for this width and length, and the Cassiar 95 is very happy to spend time in softer-powder conditions.

-skiers who like to sink deep in pow with a narrow width ski, will enjoy this ride.


-excellent in soft bumps with it's more traditional sidecut, with only a hint of carbon pop in its rebound.  One of the better skis in bumps, that I have ridden in this approximate width (w/ 8mm forward mount point).

-Would love to test the 95 later in the season, when the bumps are bigger, and the bump lines are better.

Tech info

-Tested length 185cm-"Ideal"
-Boot mount position, 8mm forward of factory recommended
-Factory recommended edge angles: 1 degree bottom, 2 degree side

Who is this for?

-skiers in firm or soft snow regions, looking for a One Ski Quiver, or a narrower ski in their Multi Ski Quiver.

Why pick the DPS "Foundation" construction?

I am a "In Resort Skier", using lift serviced terrain.  I prefer a ski with higher, "better" damping qualities, that will perform better as the snow gets cut up, bumps, and inconsistent conditions. I have found this FOUNDATION construction to have a great blend of good damping, and lighter weight. This is my second review of the current DPS Foundation construction.  There are similar characteristics, shape, and on-snow feel between the Foundation Lotus 124 Powder Ski (please see my separate review), and this Foundation Cassiar 95 (labeled as a front side carving ski).  These two skis will make a ideal Two Ski Quiver, comfortable covering most conditions.  

If I was looking for a backcountry (AT) setup, I would turn my attention to the Alchemist, or Tour construction, for their light weight advantage during uphill hiking, and skinning.  The lighter damping qualities of these constructions (DPS rates the new Alchemist just slightly less damped compared to Foundation) are better suited to untracked pow, and smooth conditions, that can be found in the backcountry.  

Phantom Base Glide Treatment

 I skied several weeks on the 2017-18 DPS Cassiar 95 Foundation with Phantom, on both man-made snow, fresh natural snow in cold temps, and fresh wet packing snow in warm temps.  The consistent "glide" of this lifetime (DPS rates the lifespan of a ski at 4 years in their literature) base treatment is obvious, and a clear advantage!  I did compare glide speed on flat terrain with some of my ski buds who had applied temp sensitive wax on their skis.  Phantom did not seem to have a advantage in this comparison.  

Temperature sensitive wax can also be applied over Phantom.  May become a new "club racing" secret! 

This treatment penetrates the base of the ski during the 6 hours of required cure time in the sun, during the application process.  DPS claims the ski can be machine tuned multiple times without loss of performance.

Phantom also has a positive impact on the environment, by reducing the need for harmful wax applications, that release chemicals (fluorocarbons) into the snow, and end up in our water supply.  Current price is $99 per set of skis or a single snowboard, through the "Kickstarter" program.  If you order the treatment with a DPS ski, it is currently half that amount, and they apply it....a no brainer!  I will not be surprised if all ski manufactures incorporate this product on their bases in the future.

I personally wax after each hand ski tune, and before "every" pow day, which are usually early morning events, when time is of the essence.  Would love to have this treatment on my pow skis!

Expected release date is Dec-Jan 2017-18 through the DPS Kickstarter program.

P.S.  I do not believe DPS will print PHANTOM on your personal skis....unless you ask for it!

DPS Skifinder

At the time of this review, you will find the "Ski Finder" listed at the bottom of the DPS home page.

It's easy, it's fast, and a terrific aid in selecting the proper DPS ski based on your profile.  Every company should offer a similar guide.  The Ski Finder (based on the info I input into the program) recommended the same two DPS skis (Foundation Lotus 124, and Foundation Cassiar 95), and their suggested length, that I had selected to review (I love confirmation). 

I do have one suggestion concerning the last question listed on the "Finder",

DAMPING:  the scale is listed as "VERY DAMP" on one side, and "VERY POWERFUL AND RESPONSIVE" on the opposite side.  I do not consider "very powerful" the opposite of "very damp".  

A definition of Damping is: A reduction in the amplitude of an oscillation or vibration.  A ski with high damping qualities is generally more stable, controllable, and "POWERFUL" in variable terrain, cut up snow, bumps etc.  It is also normally heavier in weight.  Ski companies are making advances with new materials, to combine lighter weight and better damping qualities, as we see with this Foundation and Alchemist technologies.

The Antonym or opposite of damping is: to intensify, invigorate, or magnify the amplitude, oscillation, and vibration.

So, a few descriptors that may better reflect the opposite of "VERY DAMP" in their "Ski Finder" might be: lighter weight, lively, poppy rebound, less stable, flickable, better suited for smooth-consistent terrain.

Your personal preference concerning DAMPING in a ski, is a very important consideration when answering this last question, and directing you to a satisfying ski purchase.  

My personal answer to this question and selection on the scale was: VERY DAMP!

DPS about the Cassiar 95 Foundation

"The Cassiar 95 leans moderately more towards softer snow than its little brother, the Cassiar 85. The package is accomplished through a slightly higher tip, an altered flex profile, and of course, an extra centimeter of width underfoot. The Cassiar 95 is the floatiest member of the Cassiar family and an amazing flat-tailed choice for everyday frontside and resort skiing excellence", says DPS.

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Craig and the DPS Cassiar 95

DPS Cassiar 95 Foundation review

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