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Giant slalom ski review(s)
Elan GSX Fusion

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Elan GSX Fusion 2016 giant slalom ski test


Length (cm): 170, 176, 182, 186
Sidecut (mm): 114-70-99
Radius (m): 16.8, 17.8, 19.8, 21.0


Terrain: 100% piste
Discipline: giant slalom
Skier level: advanced - expert
Stability: excellent
Edge grip: extreme
Edge swich: fast

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Giant slalom ski Elan GSX Fusion 2016

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€ 799.95


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Heyman's review: Advanced giant slalom skier

Advanced level giant slalom skier
Heyman's rating of this ski:

3 stars

Considering his skiers profile:


Charming giant slalom ski

The Elan GSX Fusion is a giant slalom ski, but not the kind that punishes you immediately if you make a mistake. Because of the asymmetrical design that Elan calls Amphibio, the camber at the inside of the ski makes turn initiation quick and edge grip as good as any full camber giant slalom ski. But at the same time the rocker at the outside of the ski makes sure that the ski doesn't snap at every little obstacle or at any little mistake. The GSX Fusion has all the characteristics of a good racecarver: big turns are very fast, acceleration is like a rocket and at whatever speed you thunder downhill, the skis always stay extremely stable. In addition the GSX Fusion does short turns easily as well.

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Reviewer Heyman

"The perfect giant slalom ski is all about edge grip and ultimate speed. When you lift your foot from the break and unleash the beast, it should accelerate with brutal force, leaving you struggling to keep up with it."

 SkillsLevel 13
 FitnessLevel 7
 SpeedLevel 12
 Length:178 cm
 Weight:85 kg


My favourite giant slalom skis:

1. Salomon 2V Race
Giant slalom ski Salomon 2V Race 2013


2. Rossignol Radical 9GS
Giant slalom ski Rossignol Radical 9GS 2014


3. Elan GSX Fusion
Giant slalom ski Elan GSX Fusion 2016


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Accessible to a wide public

Most giant slalom skis are too stiff, too ruthless, too uncomfortable for most skiers. But Elan has taken that edge off the GSX Fusion and at the same time has managed to preserve its racing skills. Certainly a praiseworthy accomplishment, which makes the ski accessible to a much wider range of skiers than the normal number of giant slalom ski lovers. So for all those skiers for whom speed is the most important thing in skiing, but who don't like the Spartan character of a giant slalom ski, the Elan GSX Fusion is a 5 star ski. I personally like my giant slalom ski to be ruthless and unforgiving. I like the feeling that at any little mistake the ski will punish me and send me to a total wipeout. I miss that in this ski, that danger that keeps me on edge, so I can only give it a 3 star rating.

Elan about the GSX Fusion

"The Elan GSX Fusion is designed to deliver top performance with every turn, satisfying even the most demanding giant slalom experts. Power Spine technology provides increased edge grip and torsional stability and our Amphibio® Profile delivers faster turns and superior responsiveness", according to Elan.

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