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Easy turning all-mountain ski

When testing the Rossignol Experience 83 I got that comfortable feeling of my grandfathers armchair. This all-mountain ski features a little rocker in front, which causes no vibrations in the tip. The quite large rocker at the tail makes for effortles turning. Even at high speed this ski remains exceptionally tranquil. Very very comfortable. But not challenging.

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All-mountain ski Rossignol Experience 83 2014

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In spite of the armchair feeling and all its tranquillity, the Rossignol Experience 83 carves pretty good big turns. It never drifts away, when you put the pressure on in a fast turn. At lower speed this ski is easy to turn as well. Even chopped-up snow the Experience 83 handles really well. Whatever the circumstances you get tremendous control from this ski.




Intemediate - Advanced

70% piste - 30% off-piste

Fast and slow easy turn




Comfortable but precise

Like sitting in an armchair

Rating: 2 stars

This ski is made for...

Those intermediate to advanced skiers who pursue extreme comfort and control, but like the occasional good wide carving turn as well. If however you want a ski that challenges you to go to extremes, don't take the Rossignol Experience 83. You'll get bored pretty soon.

Rossignol about the Experience 83

"The Experience 83 is an incredibly versatile all-mountain ski for expert to advanced skiers. With the heart of a high-performance carving machine and an effortless freeride feel, this powerful one-ski-quiver delivers amplified performance in all snow conditions." These comments are all a bit too much. Scale it down by 50% and you get the correct picture.


Length (cm): 152, 160, 168, 176, 184
Sidecut @176cm (mm): 132-83-120
Radius @176cm (m): 15,5

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The Rossignol Experience 83 is a good all-mountain ski. But in its class it's not the best. If you want comfort and control and exitement in addition, I would rather take the Nordica Fuel or the Elan Amphibio Wavflex 82XTI. Those skis have plenty of comfort and control as well. But in addition they are much more challenging and fun to ski than the Experience 83. The Rossignol Experience 78 is better than the Experience 83.

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