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Comfortable quality piste ski

What a great piste ski! Such a nice ride I had on the Head Chip 66, comfortable in control and nice carving. Head says it is for experts on a groomed slope with an excellent skiing technique. Well, thank you:), i just would like to add that the ski is not for powder.

Cheapest price we found Head Chip 66 ski 2013 for sale:

Piste ski Head Chip 66 2013

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Back to the quality's on the piste. Chip 66 feels very stable in both short and long turns. That gives a comfortable feeling when you put the ski on its edges to carve. The good feeling was confirmed on the icy hard patches of the slope when i had no problem to keep grip and stay in control of steering. While the ski is not to extreme in stifness or carve shape, I think that next to the more aggressive skier, it also suits the less energetic piste skier.




Intermediate - Advanced

100% piste

Stable at short and long carves




Comfortable piste ski

My ski for the season

Rating: 5 stars

Cool looks

I totally like the looks of the ski. It has style and doesn't yell in my eyes. The matte black color on top with nice aluminium details on the side below the binding, very stylish.

Head about the Chip 66

"The Chip 66 is an intelligent carving machine." To me this piste ski is absolutely very nice for carving. The intelligent part is about the build-in chip that should provide 'rebound' for the skier. It doesn't feel like you don't need to put any energy in it, so I doubt the extra value. Or it should be the pop at the end of the carve to switch.

Dimensions of the Chip 66 ski

Length (cm): 152, 158, 164, 170, 176
Sidecut @164cm (mm): 117-66-101
Radius (m): 10.5-14.4

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The Atomic D2 VF 75 is a versatile allround piste ski for intermediate to advanced skiers. The Head i.Supershape Speed is more agressive than the Chip 66. The Salomon X-Race at 170cm has the same characteristics as an versatile piste ski.

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