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Ski review Rossignol Soul 7Reviewer Heyman

Extremely versatile freeride ski

When centuries ago some Nordic god invented the ski, this is what he had in mind: the Rossignol Soul 7. It's just everything a pair of skis needs to be. It's a wide ski, but very nimble as well. It carves good on piste, yet has enough float in powder. It cuts through chopped snow and crud beautifully. It's stable, yet as playful as a puppy. Versatility all along. And the appearence is breathtaking.

Freeride ski Rossignol Soul 7

Full review Rossignol Soul 7

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The Ski Reviewers

Reviewer Heyman- Experienced skier
- From slalom to freeride
- Powder orientated

Reviewer DellaSausa- Experienced skier
- Loves pure speed
- Powder is calling

Ski reviewer Jocelyn- Good intermediate skier
- Relaxed & controlled
- On piste & apresski

Reviewer Alex- Intermediate+ skier
- First lift, last apresski
- Powder and slalom

Reviewer Ell- Expert, ski instructor
- Technique and speed
- Giant slalom

Reviewer WJ- Refined technique
- "It's no competition"
- On piste & apresski

Reviewer Liz- Advanced skier
- Cruising & adventure
- Piste & espresso

Ski reviewer Sieg- Talented skier
- Technique/skills addict
- Slalom

Ski reviewer Steef- Above intermediate
- First and last lift
- Slalom and Giant slalom

Ski reviewer Craig- Advanced skier
- Vail, Colorado
- Off-piste & all-mountain

Ski reviewer Mary T- Advanced skier
- Technique and control
- Freeride, powder bumps

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The Snowboard Reviewers

Reviewer Alex- Experienced boarder
- Every terrain except park
- Powder addict

Snowboard reviewer Steef- High level boarder
- First and last lift
- Carve and powder

Snowboard reviewer Jeffrey- Intermediate boarder
- Play on and off-piste
- Enthusiast and topfit

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